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Mont Saint-Michel in micro

We’re having a fairly architectural day here on The Brothers Brick, so I thought I’d join in with this wonderful LEGO rendition of Mont Saint-Michel in France, by Spanish builder nxtorm. His microscale version is complete with walls, homes, the abbey, and lots of greenery.


Check out all of nxtorm’s photos on Flickr.

Thanks for the tip, Henrik!

We study mathematics here

Jason Allemann (True Dimensions) is an alumni of the University of Waterloo. And apparently his time there was spent peering at the Mathematics and Computer Science building (in which he had only one class) as he has recreated it beautifully in LEGO. It’s microscale, but it’s a very big building.

Check out the trees.

UW Mathematics and Computer Building

Stunning Modern Architecture

I’m not generally a big fan of minimalist architecture, but occasionally I find myself surprised when viewing a particularly elegant example, such as this minimalist home by flickr user LegoManiac/oLaf. The colors complement each other remarkably well, and the shape of the Lego brick lends itself so well to this aesthetic. The design of the wood deck, with vertically oriented brown tiles, is genius, and take careful note of the pool, which is really filled with water.

2712 Mountain Drive Beverly Hills CA