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Jack Lightning’s Narrow Escape

As you may or may not have heard, we’re well into MOCpages’ 2012 MOCalathon. There are some fabulous creations coming out of this, and the one below by Imagine Rigney is no exception.

I have a bit of a soft-spot for the old Fabuland minifigures, so that definitely caught my eye. I like the scattered bits of shiny things, but what really gets me is the caricature of Walter. Who is apparently a devourer and something of a tomb-guardian. I bet you he just wants to play. Cats are weird like that.

Big news from LDraw and LEGO [April Fool’s] is proud to announce that we are teaming up with The LEGO Group to bring you a better LEGO Digital Designer product with full access to the LDraw parts.

LEGO Group Acquisition of Parts Library Announced and LEGO System A/S jointly announced today that has agreed to sell its rights in the development of the LDraw Parts Library to the LEGO Group, the publisher of the virtual building software LEGO Digital Designer (LDD), for $5.35 million. The Steering Committee members have been offered employment by the LEGO Group, who will continue software development and operations from the former LEGO Universe studio in Louisville, Colorado.

“We’re excited about the integration of the LDraw Parts Library to fill the gaps of old virtual LEGO parts currently missing in LDD, but re-engineered by the fans and are happy to have the core of the community officially join the LEGO team,” said Søren Askildson, Senior Executive Vice President at the LEGO Software Engineering; Development Department. “This acquisition demonstrates our commitment both to the ongoing success of LEGO Digital Designer and to an overall strategy to expand our brand online.”

“’s focus is developing a solid easy-to-use library on an open document file format, and publishing the next generation of virtual building CAD systems,” said Willy Tschager, Member of the Steering Committee . “We’re proud of the library our community built, and are certain that it has a bright future. The transition of members of our team to the LEGO Group enables us to focus completely on internally-published, free-to-play software businesses.”

LEGO System A/S entered into a free-data-for-advisory relationship with as to build LEGO Universe in 2006. The acquisition of the rights to the library and the ability to transition members of the team to continue work on the library follows the fulfillment of the LEGO Universe development contract.

LDD as a virtual building experience attracts several million people each year to build a huge range of amazing creations. The LDraw System of Tools is a popular system of free software tools for modeling LEGO creations in 3D on a computer. The parts library that is central to the programs is under continuous maintenance and extension by the LDraw community since 1997.

LEGO Shaun of the Dead nears 10K votes on CUUSOO

Shaun of the Dead star Simon Pegg has thrown his weight behind a LEGO CUUSOO project by Belgian LEGO fan Yatkuu, and the project is nearing 10,000 votes.

UPDATE: The project has hit 10,000 supporters since I posted this last night. Congratulations to Yatkuu!

LEGO Winchester

Even if TBB readers can help nudge this project from 9,608 votes to 10,000 votes, it’ll still take some doing for LEGO to a) secure the rights to the movie and b) approve a project based on a very violent, R-rated movie.

Still, Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite movies, and this project certainly has my vote!

Motorized Lego Tachikoma

Peer Kreuger (mahjqa) brings the finest examples of the wonders achieved with Power Functions. His Tachikoma think tank from Ghost in the Shell not only walks but also rolls and steers. In addition it features moving eyes and arms, all packed in a compact and beautiful design. Visit Flickr for more photos including pictures of the chassis.



Although I’ve been behind in my blogging lately, it seems like practically everything I add to my “to-blog” list is some form of think tank (tachikoma, fuchikoma, etc.). Crawling out from under my rock, I discover that there’s a contest going on, called Marchikoma. There are some pretty nice entries floating around, and here are some of my favorites.

Byakuren  白蓮

Missing person: Heather Braaten (aka “LEGO Girl”)

No, this is neither a drill nor a joke. Unfortunately, Heather Braaten, whom many of you may know as “HeatherLEGOGirl” online, has been missing since last Tuesday (March 20, 2012). Heather is an active member of SEALUG here in Seattle, a regular BrickCon attendee, and active on Flickr, MOCPages, and Bricklink (where she was active as recently as the day she was last seen).

If you live in Seattle and would like to put up posters, you can use this (click through for larger version):

Heather_Missing Flyer

Heather, if you’re out there and can read this, we hope you’re safe and sound. Just know that there’s a whole world of people who care about you, and we’re worried. Please, reach out and let one of us know you’re okay.

You can see the official Missing Person Report on the Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs website.

If you see Heather or know where she is, please contact the Seattle Police Department or

You can also chime in with a comment here, on Lino’s photo (link on pic above), or send Lino an email: linotopia AT hotmail DOT com. Lino is in touch with Heather’s mom and will be passing along any leads that come through online channels like TBB comments and Flickr.

Mont Saint-Michel in micro

We’re having a fairly architectural day here on The Brothers Brick, so I thought I’d join in with this wonderful LEGO rendition of Mont Saint-Michel in France, by Spanish builder nxtorm. His microscale version is complete with walls, homes, the abbey, and lots of greenery.


Check out all of nxtorm’s photos on Flickr.

Thanks for the tip, Henrik!