LEGO Shaun of the Dead nears 10K votes on CUUSOO

Shaun of the Dead star Simon Pegg has thrown his weight behind a LEGO CUUSOO project by Belgian LEGO fan Yatkuu, and the project is nearing 10,000 votes.

UPDATE: The project has hit 10,000 supporters since I posted this last night. Congratulations to Yatkuu!

LEGO Winchester

Even if TBB readers can help nudge this project from 9,608 votes to 10,000 votes, it’ll still take some doing for LEGO to a) secure the rights to the movie and b) approve a project based on a very violent, R-rated movie.

Still, Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite movies, and this project certainly has my vote!

7 comments on “LEGO Shaun of the Dead nears 10K votes on CUUSOO

  1. Andrew Post author

    ^ I think it went from 9,600 to 10K *very* quickly. I hit the link several times in the first few minutes after I posted this as I tested links and such, and the number had jumped by at least a hundred in less than 5 minutes.

  2. Blake Baer

    I can’t see LEGO passing this honestly. An R rated film license? I might lose some respect for LEGO, no matter how much I appreciate the Cuusoo program.

  3. gambort

    Is the set going to be 18 ? I very much doubt it.

    And given Simon Pegg co-wrote the film and pimped the set I suspect getting the rights won’t be too hard ;)

  4. carterbaldwin

    I’m really jazzed to see this. It seems Cuusoo is still a mostly being used to get sets of popular IPs, but at least this is a step in the right direction to publishing AFOL MOCs.

  5. manfromporlock

    I was talking to a friend about this over the weekend and I think we both agreed that Cuusoo doesn’t seem to be generating quite the stuff we expected. This set is an excellent example.

    The market for this set would be relatively small. It’s a narrow band of people who have fans of both the film and Lego, then also have the (considerable) disposable income to throw at a set like this. It would also be of a huge expense for Lego to manufacture. It doesn’t seem to be worth their while as a business.

    Why is most of the Cuusoo stuff licensed anyway? Why don’t we see more updates of old themes or new themes altogether? Look at how much Star Wars stuff is on Cuusoo. Does anyone genuinely feel like there’s been shortages or oversights when it comes to producing Star Wars Lego? They’re churning out new and obscure vehicles all the time and have been for a decade.

    I understood when Lego Minecraft took off because it took so very little to render the game in Lego. But Shaun of the Dead? I don’t see this happening any time soon and I’d honestly be disappointed if it did. And I’m exactly the person who would otherwise be the market for this thing.

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