What do you see?

This image is currently going viral around the net, what do you see in each group of blocks?

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  1. Jase

    What’s the third down on the left, and the bottom right? Pretty sure I recognize the rest.

  2. Polynices

    Google says the bottom right is “Lucky Luke and the Daltons” which I have never heard of in my life, and that’s coming from an American who read both Tintin and Asterix & Obelisk books as a kid. I guess it’s a third really-popular-in-Europe comic.

  3. Zrath

    I’m French, living in the US, so I recognized them all right away. :)
    The bottom right one is the four Dalton Brothers in their usual stripey prison gear and Lucky Luke, the man who can shoot faster than his shadow. The comicbooks are simply called “Lucky Luke” and very popular in Europe, and each volume explores an aspect of the Old West, like the expansion of the railroad, Calamity Jane, feuding families, the first slot machines, Billy The Kid, etc…
    There’s a little embellishment, of course, to bring Lucky Luke into the story, and the last page always has historical info on the chosen subject.
    There’s been several cartoons and one recent (2009) live action movie starring Jean Dujardin (“The Artist” “OSS 117”) as Lucky Luke.

  4. Sjaacko

    I see this: The Simpsons, Ninja Turtles, South Park, Smurfs, Asterix & Obelix (and that little dog), Bert and Ernie, Donald Duck and his nephews, Daltons and Lucky Luke. I think this: these are truely amazing and instantly recognizable (at least if you know them).

  5. proudlove

    I actually got them all. Even I am shocked. I guess I was one of the lucky few that read Asterix comics and Lucky Luke as a kid.

  6. juju99

    simpsons, TMNT, south park, smurfs, asterix and obelix, bert and ernie donald (or daffy can’t remember) duck and friends, dalton and lucky luke.

  7. mephistopheles

    Unfortunately I have seen this on 9gag before so I couldn’t guess. This is a very smart idea btw. I miss an all black column for Darth Vader though.

  8. JustJon

    This “viral image” is an actual LEGO campaign, but the 8 images were put on the same pic and stripped of the LEGO company info from the bottom. It was originally on Fast Company.

  9. Andrew

    ^ Legoland uses “flesh” bricks, so given that these are official LEGO ads, I suspect whoever built these would have access to that color as well.

  10. fredschlonz

    The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, South Park, Smurfs, Asterix & Obelix, Ernie & Bert(took me a moment to recognise), Donald Duck and his Nephews Hewie Dewie and Louie (or Tick, Trick & Track),Lucky Luke & The Daltons (LL should have a black hat/Top).

    Fantastic work !

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