Although I’ve been behind in my blogging lately, it seems like practically everything I add to my “to-blog” list is some form of think tank (tachikoma, fuchikoma, etc.). Crawling out from under my rock, I discover that there’s a contest going on, called Marchikoma. There are some pretty nice entries floating around, and here are some of my favorites.

Byakuren  白蓮

6 comments on “Something-Koma

  1. vmln8r

    ^ Not how I would have said it, but yeah, more Technic stuff in general would be very welcome – I’m also surprised mahjqa’s Tachikoma wasn’t featured.

  2. vmln8r

    ^ There are pleasant exceptions, but I agree. TechnicBricks seems more concerned with functionality; so TBB *could* be the ideal place for Technic MOCs that have exceptional functionality and looks.

  3. Dan Post author

    This is my mistake entirely. I saw the Tachikoma model thumbnail, and while I thought it was an awesome rendition of a Tachikoma, I decided to highlight new interpretations instead. I didn’t realize that it moved, etc. Stenj sent me a link, and I decided to give the MOC its own post, but I saw it on the train, and am too busy a the office today to do it until I’m home.

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