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May the odds be ever in your favor!

For this LEGO scene from The Hunger Games, Brian (Âtin) takes his inspiration not from the movie due out later this week but from what he imagined while reading the book. Effie Trinket announces the tributes from the coal-mining District 12 in “Grim Reapings.”

Grim Reapings


(I haven’t quite figured out what to think about The Hunger Games, which I admit to reading recently. Is it a classic like Lord of the Flies or another Twilight — which my wife and I read together for the lulz? Personally, I liked the characterizations and plot of the first book, and I think the overall story arc has potential within a truly unique fictional universe, but I set the trilogy aside partway through Catching Fire when one of the primary points of conflict appeared to be poor Katniss Everdeen’s tough, tough choice between two boys who like her. Team Gale! Team Peeta! Meh. Still, I’ll finish the trilogy at some point and might even consider checking out the movie.)

Transforming LEGO Game Boy & Tetris + bonus Super Mario 3 Fireflower level

Though we’re a tad behind the interwebs on this one, we wanted to make sure to highlight this excellent transforming Game Boy by Julius von Brunk.

LEGO Game Boy Transformer

Read more on Julius’ blog and check out lots more pics — including the tiny transforming Tetris — on MOCPages or deviantART.

Of course, we’d be remiss in our blog duties if we didn’t also highlight Julius’ carefully rendered LEGO version of the “Fireflower” level from Super Mario 3:

LEGO Super Mario 3 Fireflower level

The tiny photo doesn’t do the massive model justice, so click through for all the details.

10225 UCS R2-D2 – new LEGO Star Wars exclusive [News]

LEGO has just officially unveiled the newest addition to their Ultimate Collector Series of LEGO Star Wars models, the opinionated astromech droid we all know and love, 10225 R2-D2. Artoo ships in May 2012 for 180 USD and includes 2,127 parts.

10225 R2-D2 (1)

Tons more pictures showing off details and functionality in the photoset on Flickr.

Here’s the full press release:

10225 R2-D2™

Ages 16+. 2,127 pieces.
US $179.99 CA $229.99 UK 149.99 £ DE 179.99 € DK 1499 DKK

Presenting the Ultimate Collector Series R2-D2™ – the best-loved droid in the Star Wars galaxy!

Presenting the iconic R2-D2 as you’ve never seen him before! Everyone’s favorite droid from the Star Wars galaxy is now part of the Ultimate Collector Series and features fantastic detailing, such as retractable third leg, front panels that open to reveal a universal computer interface arm and a circular saw, rotating head and 2 fold-out front spacecraft linkage control arms. With the included fact plaque and R2-D2 minifigure, this diminutive model is the perfect addition to your LEGO® Star Wars™ collection!

  • Ultimate Collector Series R2-D2™!
  • Features retractable third leg!
  • Front panels open to reveal a universal computer interface arm and circular saw!
  • Features realistic rotating head!
  • R2-D2 features 2 fold-out front spacecraft linkage control arms!
  • Includes fact plaque and R2-D2 minifigure!
  • Measures over 12” (31 cm) high and 7” (18 cm) wide!

Available for sale beginning May 2012

only at, LEGO® Stores or via phone.

Here’s the designer interview video: