May the odds be ever in your favor!

For this LEGO scene from The Hunger Games, Brian (Âtin) takes his inspiration not from the movie due out later this week but from what he imagined while reading the book. Effie Trinket announces the tributes from the coal-mining District 12 in “Grim Reapings.”

Grim Reapings


(I haven’t quite figured out what to think about The Hunger Games, which I admit to reading recently. Is it a classic like Lord of the Flies or another Twilight — which my wife and I read together for the lulz? Personally, I liked the characterizations and plot of the first book, and I think the overall story arc has potential within a truly unique fictional universe, but I set the trilogy aside partway through Catching Fire when one of the primary points of conflict appeared to be poor Katniss Everdeen’s tough, tough choice between two boys who like her. Team Gale! Team Peeta! Meh. Still, I’ll finish the trilogy at some point and might even consider checking out the movie.)

3 comments on “May the odds be ever in your favor!

  1. Sarah

    I knew there would be some awesome Hunger Games MOCs coming our way.

    I hate that you posted spoilers though. When I was a teenage girl, I’ll tell you that the world could have been burning down around me and I could have been fighter for my side and I’d still be thinking about which guy I liked better. These books are meant for teenagers, there is going to be a lot of angsty love life. You should really finish the trilogy before passing judgement.

  2. Andrew Post author

    ^ An excellent point about spoilers! Sorry about that. I’ll add a warning.

    And yes, I do withhold final judgment until I’ve read the whole trilogy. :-)

  3. Jean C

    A great model which portrays the atmosphere of the story very well; the bright elite, and the duller populace.

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