Series 7 minifigures reviewed

WhiteFang from Eurobricks has reviewed the upcoming series 7 minifigs. You can see the full review on Eurobricks or pictures only on Flickr.

Let's start our New Year by completing a set of 16 unique minifigures in Series 7!

14 comments on “Series 7 minifigures reviewed

  1. Catsy

    You know, it’s a damn good thing those bagpipes are likely to be very easy to identify in the bag. Because I want like a billion of those pipers.

  2. Starwars4J

    @ Aquifel: I’m sure that was no coincidence, as images of Series 7 have been floating around since long before that Cuusoo project were uploaded.

  3. mephistopheles

    I am really unhappy with the last few series including this one. If you not an explicit army builder you got nothing for medieval scenes. I wish there would be something like a peasant with a scythe, a farmer, a woodcutter, any kind of artisan, any form of a civilian medieval guy. But, none. Makes me sad.

  4. Blake Baer

    @mephistopheles- I agree that there haven’t been any explicitly medieval themed figures (unless you count the dwarf, robin hood, or even the highlander), but these Collectible Minifigures have added TONS of new pieces and possibilities.

    While I do want to see some “peaceful” medieval figures, I don’t lower my opinion of what is some fantastic figures just because of a lack of a couple figures. LEGO is whipping out some quality stuff here.

    Just my two cents. :)

  5. mephistopheles

    I agree that there is awesome stuff in here. There is no quality problem at all. The Aztec, the Space guy, etc are all awesome stuff. I just miss a non-army, non-fantasy medieval figure, that’s all. I hope series 8 will feature 1.

  6. Jai

    @mephistopheles — Are you saying that the “Red Riding Hood” figure doesn’t look like a peaceful, non-army, non-fantasy medieval figure?

  7. mephistopheles

    It is fantasy to me.

    Anyway by combining different figures together I can custom create what I need, so its not a big deal.

  8. Melty

    Are they really coming out on April 1st, like it’s said in the review, or is that an April Fool’s joke?

  9. Jean C

    Looking at the piper… I see two, perhaps three different tartans present. I had some idea that tartans weren’t to be mixed, but perhaps I’m mistaken. Hopefully LEGO will have done their research and not accidentally offend such a large group as the Scots.

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