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Arthur Gugick’s Angkor Wat is ready for a microscale Suryavarman II

Of all the ancient monuments in the world that I’d like to visit, Angkor Wat is very near the top of the list. Arthur Gugick (torgugick) uses a random pattern of 1×1 square and round plates in multiple colors of gray to emulate the weathered stones of this classical Khmer monument.

LEGO Angkor Wat

Via twee affect.


Iain Heath knows what I like. Hayao Miyazaki is my favorite director, and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is easily my favorite animated movie — more so because I love the manga version that Miyazaki continued writing and drawing for ten years after the movie was released. Naturally, I prefer it in the original Japanese.

LEGO Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

I’m sure you won’t begrudge me, dear readers, taking this opportunity to remind everyone that this is precisely the sort of wonderful LEGO model we’re looking for as part of the Big in Japan display at BrickCon.

LEGO-inspired T-shirts now available from

Those of us who’ve attended LEGO conventions like BrickCon and BrickFest over the last couple of years have probably come away with at least one of Bob Kojima’s LEGO-themed T-shirts. The only problem has been that they weren’t available outside these LEGO events.

Just in time for T-shirt weather, Bob has launched, where you can buy all of his designs.

Some of my favorites are the ones based on the original, hand-drawn images included with The LEGO Group’s patents, like the minifig (above) and “stud and tube” brick patent.

Arte em Peças Lego event in Portugal, June 7 – 13

The Portuguese Lego fan community Comunidade 0937 is hosting their annual Lego event from June 7 -13 in Paredes de Coura. This year’s event is called Arte em Peças (Art in Parts) and will feature both private and public conventions. You can see pictures from the previous year’s event on Flickr.

In addition to displays, there will be activities including Mindstorms NXT demonstrations, contests, a free-build pool, opportunities to buy Lego, and surprise activities announced at the event. Check it out if you’re around the area!