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Mountain and Tower

Mountain and Tower in LEGO by legosamurai

I usually make some attempt to come up with my own title but Paul Meissner’s (legosamurai) title describes his simple scene so well I just ran with it. Looking closely you can see that this is an army on the warpath but an idle glance suggests nothing more than a simple convoy traveling across a distant planet.

EDIT: It would appear I got this ever so wrong. The diorama was actually built by RoninLUG which is Andrew Lee (onosendai2600), Fradel Gonzales (Slice151), Brandon Griffiths (icgetaway) and Paul. Many more pictures can be found here.

Summer 2010 Star Wars sets available on Amazon France [News]

To our lucky readers in France, you can now order the new Star Wars sets that are schedule for release in August. The sets are listed as in stock, which means they are available for delivery. I’m not sure if this is a mistake, but I won’t hesitate to take advantage of a rare opportunity to get the sets three months in advance.

Via Toys N Bricks