All your base are belong to Young

Shannon Young‘s Skunk Base N is teeming with the goodies of Classic Space. Integrated into a rocky terrain, the base features cool details such as a light rail, landing pad, and supplies store. Check out the full gallery on MOCpages.

5 comments on “All your base are belong to Young

  1. evilspoons

    So many of those terrible cliff pieces, aaargh!

    Seriously though, it’s pretty cool. Now why can’t Lego build a second cliff piece?

  2. Brad

    I love creations that invite me to play with them. I just want to sit down and start moving figs and ships around! Nicely done, Shannon.

    Also, the medical supplies/first aid box made with a red pin and 1 x 2 technic brick is neat. I haven’t seen that before.

  3. Creative Anarchy

    I’ve got a fever.. and the only cure.. is more monorail.

    Awesome MoC, so big, lots of simple parts.

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