Mountain and Tower

Mountain and Tower in LEGO by legosamurai

I usually make some attempt to come up with my own title but Paul Meissner’s (legosamurai) title describes his simple scene so well I just ran with it. Looking closely you can see that this is an army on the warpath but an idle glance suggests nothing more than a simple convoy traveling across a distant planet.

EDIT: It would appear I got this ever so wrong. The diorama was actually built by RoninLUG which is Andrew Lee (onosendai2600), Fradel Gonzales (Slice151), Brandon Griffiths (icgetaway) and Paul. Many more pictures can be found here.

17 comments on “Mountain and Tower

  1. Giik

    This is breathtaking…Also, I see some long-haired person’s reflection in the background.

  2. Brickmodder

    You should see the pictures of the inside of the mountain. Truly remarkable build all around. There are even some LifeLites spread around here and there…

  3. bdd458

    In my opinion, the only thing that rivals this is Mark Kelso’s Apocalypsis. Except with the background off slightly.

  4. Ochre Jelly

    I got to see this up close at Bricks by the Bay earlier this month, and it was pretty awesome (I think it won an award too). I especially like the waterfall, which if I remember right is all transparent bricks, providing some illumination for the secret base inside the hill.

  5. Repoort

    I think it should be noted that this is a collab built also involving Andrew Lee, Fradel Gonzales, and Brandon Griffith.

  6. Slice151

    Wow this is the second time you guys have done this to me. Don’t you guys ever do proper research?

  7. Lord Dane

    It’s good to see this here, and was amazing to see it in person at Bricks by the Bay.

    I believe the name to this is Mecha Nature Trail Part Three: Betrayal.

  8. wintermute

    Seriously, WTF?
    I’m all for Paul getting blogged – don’t get me wrong he doesn’t get enough recognition here at TBB. I’m just surprised that’s there’s no love and respect for the rest of the crew. For a dude who spends a ton of time on the net checking out and debating about lego you’d think you’d have figured out this was a group effort. (And that there was an actual title) . . .

    Anyway for awesome pix you really should check out Brandon Griffith’s flickr stream (

  9. gambort Post author

    Andrew> If you want to complain to anyone complain to Paul. He’s the one that didn’t label it. If I see a picture in someone’s photostream and its not labeled as being from a show I’ll assume it’s theirs. It’s not an unreasonable assumption to make.

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