Collectible Minifigures website up and running [News]

The Collectible Minifigures website is now up, which features bios of each minifig, downloads, and games. Here are the US, UK, and German versions.

Via Brickset.

6 comments on “Collectible Minifigures website up and running [News]

  1. Dean

    Looking through all the pictures, i noticed that some of them have legs or arms bending in new ways. Is this the actual mold or is it just promo pictures?

  2. bluemoose

    The ‘bendy’ versions are just promo images; the actual figs are just regular minifigs.

  3. Creative Anarchy

    I know better than to get high expectations but if the expressions on these figures even remotely resemble the actual figs then this may be the lego product that makes me the happiest of anything since Adventurers. There are just too many cool possibilities for vignettes and dioramas that these parts could represent.

  4. Joeyman

    My favorite is the zombie. Finally! A LEGO zombie! Took ’em long enough. Oh well, I’m glad they have a zombie. Bye!

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