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2009 LEGO Star Wars, Power Miners, and Indiana Jones now available [News]

UPDATE: Added Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Looks like lots more 2009 LEGO sets are finally showing up on the LEGO Shop online.

Just about all of the 2009 LEGO Star Wars sets from The Clone Wars appear to be available now. 8018 Armored Assault Tank (AAT)icon includes the newly redesigned Yoda:


The latest batch of updates also includes the new Power Miners theme. My wife got me 8960 Thunder Drillericon for Christmas, so I’m off to build it now.


The two new Indiana Jones sets — 7682 Shanghai Chaseicon and 7683 Fight on the Flying Wingicon — are also now on the LEGO Shop online:



(Still waiting for that farm… Mmmm… Cows…)

The LUGNuts holiday spirit

LUGNuts founders Lino Martins and Nathan Proudlove recently posted a pair of holiday-themed vehicles sure to stoke your Christmas spirit.

With “Santa’s Slay,” Nathan shows us what Santa (and the late Rudolph) would do after Santa retires from the old Christmas game:

Meanwhile, a very sexy Ms. Claus joins Santa aboard his 1930s era bike, as built by Lino:

New Jersey kids build giant Hanukkah menorah from LEGO

New Jersey newspaper Asbury Park Press reports that members of the Chabad Jewish Center in Toms River, NJ built an enormous LEGO menorah for the beginning of Hanukkah this past Sunday:

Rabbi Moshe Gourarie said, “A lot of darkness can be dispelled by a little light. What this world really needs, more than anything, is light, positivity and goodness.”

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Monster Claus will eat your cookies drink your milk, and harvest your soul!

Andrew Colunga‘s “Monster Claus” is already making the rounds on the Internet. It’s a particularly big hit with law enforcement officers, for some reason…

Personally, I like the milk and cookies.

Edit: The e-mail I got had a catchy title, with no link to the Gizmodo post it was taken from. Apologies to our good friend Jesus for ripping off his post title. Oops! Also via Neatorama.

Battle cruiser HERMES

Luis from HispaLUG presents this heavily armed space battle cruiser spanning 39.8″ or 127 studs. This microscale SHIP, labeled the Maximum Force Station, is sure to strike fear into the hearts of its enemies. There is a backstory behind the build written in Spanish; I regret that my Spanish skills are not proficient to understand the writing.