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Castle Rock

Matija Grguric‘s Castle Rock is a unique piece of castle architecture, nesting on four natural rock pillars above the ocean waters. The story goes that while the princess is on retreat in this hideout, a group of orcs slip past the guards and scales the walls.

Alex Eylar gets a Clue

The latest project from Alex Eylar (Profound Whatever on Flickr) takes its inspiration from the classic board game Clue.

Here’s “Mrs. White in the Kitchen”:

The second in Alex’s series of six scenes is “Colonel Mustard in the Hall”:

I can’t wait for Alex to post the other four scenes.

Getting into trouble with Marcin

Proving that bloggers do build now and then too, Marcin “Hippotam” Danielak enters the Colossal Castle Contest VI with “Double Trouble”:

Check out Marcin’s post on Klocki and see all the pictures on Flickr.

Australian 86-wheel road train

British builder Ed Diment (who you may remember for his 22ft long model of the USS Intrepid) worked with TBB’s own Ralph Savelsberg – a master of Miniland scale brick-built vehicles – to create this awe-inspiring Australian road train. If you’ve ever done the great Australian road trip, you may have run into one of these behemoths bombing down the long lonely highways between the country’s major cities …and then wondered how on earth you were gonna safely overtake it!

Road trains down under usually come in double or triple trailer combinations, so I’m not sure on the legality of the douple-triple that Ed and Ralph have put together here! The way the green and yellow stripes on the cab continue along the tops of all the trailers adds a nice color accent to what might otherwise be an entirely monochromatic model. And check out this stowaway that the driver found hanging off the back of his rig:

7752 Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer [News]

This set is generating quite a bit of discussion in our old post about 2009 LEGO Star Wars box art, so now that it’s up on (though not yet available to order), I thought I’d let everyone else know.

Here’s 7752 Count Dooku’s Solar Sailericon:


And the direct link for those of you unable to click through the picture:

Crashin’ in

LUGPol member crises depicts the noble act by a knight to protect the king from a boulder that crashed through the wall. Nice action effects!

Don’t get lost in space

Dan has you covered with this handy roadsign. Check out this picture and don’t loose track of Dan’s project to capture one unique LEGO minifig shot each day for a year. He’s already on day 209! Check out his blog featuring the pictures: a LEGO a day.

Power Miners variation

Tyler (Legohaulic) takes a spin on the Power Miners theme and delivers his unique vision of the underground crystal-collecting team.

10193 Medieval Market village now available! [News]

In news sure to bring Christmas joy to LEGO fans everywhere, 10193 Medieval Market Villageicon is now available from the LEGO Shop online:


For more details on this fantastic set, read our exclusive coverage from BrickCon 2008.

2009 LEGO Star Wars, Power Miners, and Indiana Jones now available [News]

UPDATE: Added Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Looks like lots more 2009 LEGO sets are finally showing up on the LEGO Shop online.

Just about all of the 2009 LEGO Star Wars sets from The Clone Wars appear to be available now. 8018 Armored Assault Tank (AAT)icon includes the newly redesigned Yoda:


The latest batch of updates also includes the new Power Miners theme. My wife got me 8960 Thunder Drillericon for Christmas, so I’m off to build it now.


The two new Indiana Jones sets — 7682 Shanghai Chaseicon and 7683 Fight on the Flying Wingicon — are also now on the LEGO Shop online:



(Still waiting for that farm… Mmmm… Cows…)

Santorclaus is coming to town

Christmas cheer from Rocko. Need I say more?

The LUGNuts holiday spirit

LUGNuts founders Lino Martins and Nathan Proudlove recently posted a pair of holiday-themed vehicles sure to stoke your Christmas spirit.

With “Santa’s Slay,” Nathan shows us what Santa (and the late Rudolph) would do after Santa retires from the old Christmas game:

Meanwhile, a very sexy Ms. Claus joins Santa aboard his 1930s era bike, as built by Lino: