10193 Medieval Market village now available! [News]

In news sure to bring Christmas joy to LEGO fans everywhere, 10193 Medieval Market Villageicon is now available from the LEGO Shop online:


For more details on this fantastic set, read our exclusive coverage from BrickCon 2008.

20 comments on “10193 Medieval Market village now available! [News]

  1. Ted

    OMG! Once again Canadians are getting $#@&*! The U.S. price is $100. That translates as cdn$121.69 at today’s exchange rate. The UK price is GBP 68.50 which is cdn$123.03. So what is the retail price in Canada you ask? I thought it would be around $125 or $130 but no, they are going to charge us $150.

    Happy *&^&%#$% Christmas!

  2. David4

    Yes Canadian gets screwed because less people buy LEGO there, there is shipping and such, live with it or travel to the USA. I live in the north and oranges cost more than they do in the south, that’s not fair!!!

    Great set, I’m going to be buying bigger sets this year because the price per piece is so much better, and I’m so glad this set has been made.

  3. jgptee

    even though i am not a castle collector, i want to get this one, because for the first time, lego officially releases a set that depicts normal medieval life, and not battle scenes after another. i don’t mind the price though, as i am very selective with the legos i buy.

  4. Sean

    jgptee, I agree. Normal houses are one of the biggest selling points for me here. And the price is amazing, usually they’d sell something like this for at least $200!

  5. Andrew Post author

    ^ Yup, it’s available from shop.LEGO.com for 199.99 NZD. Given the current exchange rate, that’s actually pretty close to the famously low US price. ;-)

  6. Ray

    But I was wondering if it was actually sold in New Zealand… That way I can just go buy it in my local stores.

  7. Andrew Post author

    ^ Ah, good question. It’s not available in regular stores like K-Mart, Wal-Mart, or Target, since it’s a LEGO Shop exclusive, which is as true in Europe, Asia, and the Americas as it is in The Land of the Long White Cloud.

  8. Yellow

    Lucky you, Lego s@h doesn’t even ship to Hungary at all. So I ordered it to be shipped to a friend in th U.K., and they will bring it to Hungary in summer only. But it means finally I get it for around €75 (GBP68,50)
    Regarding prices: in the USA everything is cheaper than in Europe, Lego is not an exemption. And you should add some more in case of licensed products. A good example is the 6212 X wing: in the US $50; in Europe €62, meanwhile 1€ = 1,3$

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