Big Bens Bricks wheels

BBB wheels ad
(Advertisement by Anthony Sava featuring his Hudson 4-6-4)

Since it’s the season of giving I felt it was timely to remind our readers of another great LEGO supplementary piece manufacturer: Big Bens Bricks LLC. Ben Fleskes has been manufacturing high-quality ABS wheels for LEGO trains for a few years now and it’s almost impossible to build steam trains without using his excellent products. The wheels are designed to be fully compatible with standard LEGO train pieces with diameters and spacing chosen to fully integrate with the regular system. There’s even LDRAW parts for instructions.

As one recent convertee puts it they allow him to

expand my building options by embracing the supplemental elements produced by community members in order to complement the excellent range offered by LEGO.

On a personal note along these lines, BBB wheels are the only pieces not produced by TLG that I will use in my own models.

Swoofty Truck

And as Peter Norman demonstrates in the above truck design they are not just for steam trains. You can also see how close they match to the (later released) official small wheels with the rubber bands.

2 comments on “Big Bens Bricks wheels

  1. SavaTheAggie

    It doesn’t really need saying, since I created an unsolicited advertisement, but I fully endorse Ben and his products. They are of the utmost quality and I have *never* had any issue with their performance.

  2. Peter Norman

    I also agree. Excellent product; all the right sizes and a rainbow of colors, even trans! Just one question – why no flangeless standard sized wheels?

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