Battle cruiser HERMES

Luis from HispaLUG presents this heavily armed space battle cruiser spanning 39.8″ or 127 studs. This microscale SHIP, labeled the Maximum Force Station, is sure to strike fear into the hearts of its enemies. There is a backstory behind the build written in Spanish; I regret that my Spanish skills are not proficient to understand the writing.

17 comments on “Battle cruiser HERMES

  1. Fred

    I like the greebles.. seem to have a purposeful form and function rather than just roughing up a surface with random pipes and pods.

  2. Ted

    @ hewkii9 – Yes of course it can. The size is irrelevant. “Scale” is about relative size to an original. “Microscale” is anything built to a scale where humans/figs would be smaller than the standard minifig. If you built a model of an aircraft carrier where one 1×1 brick represented a person the MOC would be massive, but still microscale. Does that clear it up?

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