Monthly Archives: August 2008

Coming out at the Christopher Day Parade

Working my way further back through Moritz N‘s photostream, I encountered this great vignette highlighting the importance of being tolerant:

Moritz says:

Although there are still incurable boneheads in both the dwarf and the troll society, Gnork and Shroeder finally summon up the courage to come out of secrecy.

Living their relationship freely they join the Cristopher Street Day parade to demontrate for tolerance and equal opportunities.

Go Gnork and Shroeder, go!

Lighting 101

If you’re unfamiliar with Alex Eylar‘s works, take a look at his gallery and you’ll soon conclude that his pictures are something else, especially when it comes to lighting. Luckily, Alex has written a nice summary and gave a good example of the role of lighting in transforming an otherwise decent creation into a masterpiece. Click on the picture below to read more.

Del Boy and Rodney ride in style. Well, sort of.

Speaking of references to British popular culture that I’m not familiar with, Ronald Vallenduuk (Duq) has posted a great entry for the LUGNuts Sympathy for the underdog challenge inspired by the BBC comedy Only Fools and Horses.

Here’s Del Boy and Rodney of Trotters Independent Traders (in their “Heroes and Villains” Christmas special outfits):

The source of inspiration may not be a particularly stylish vehicle, but Rondald’s LEGO rendition of the three-wheeled Reliant Regal Supervan is very cool indeed.

Wearable Boba Fett costume built from LEGO

I’ve been keeping an eye on Simon‘s LEGO Boba Fett costume project for a while (and yet somehow missed his great LEGO Star Wars minifigs along the way), so I was very pleased to see the completed armor.

This may be the coolest homage ever to the beloved bounty hunter with only two four lines in Empire Strikes Back:

That’s right, Simon has built a complete Boba Fett costume entirely from LEGO (except the jump suit and cape, of course). The outfit includes a helmet, jet pack, chest plate, and blaster. Amazing stuff!