Interior decorating by minifig

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Thom (aka minifig) on my recent trip to London. Over non-alcoholic drinks at a lovely neighborhood pub far from the tourist crowds, the conversation inevitably turned to LEGO.

Thom apparently decorates his home with great little LEGO scenes. On arrival back in the States, I was pleased to see that he’d uploaded several of the scenes we talked about, including this intrepid streaker:

And these Technic figures with their AT-AT pet:

I was going to close with a sarcastic comment about the obscurity of the British people that Thom’s been honoring in ABS lately, but it turns out that Townes Van Zandt was an American, and I’m just ignorant. :-P

5 comments on “Interior decorating by minifig

  1. Steve Demlow

    Regarding the streaker, a Lego employee said at BrickWorld that Lego will no longer produce the minifig ‘crotch’ piece in yellow. The powers that be consider it nudity. Watch those prices skyrocket on BrickLink! (I assume that also applies to the flesh color – have they made any in that color yet?)

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  3. minifig

    They’re already pretty tricky to find!

    And thanks Andrew! It was a pleasure meeting you too. My home is pretty well decorated with Lego. It’s one of the advantages to living alone :o)

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