LAML Radio August interviews (Part 3)

If you’ve been keeping up with LAML Radio, you know that James the host is presenting a podcast interview with a talented builder each day in August. Here’s yet another update of the featured builders in the past few days.

Lee Magpili
Matt Hamann
Eric Harshbarger
Lukas Winklerprins
Mike Psiaki
Chris Doyle
Ralph Savelsberg
Chris Giddens

4 comments on “LAML Radio August interviews (Part 3)

  1. Curtis

    I can’t seem to listen to any of them, or find a way to even listen to them. There is no audio file to click on anywhere. Obviously I’m doing something wrong, someone want to point me in the right direction?

  2. James

    Nothing your doing wrong Curtis. The site has been having some serious server issues and that has messed a lot of things. But if you take another look you should now be able to find the episodes.

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