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Namo’s Krokodile

Namo’s got a really nicely detailed train, the RhB Ge4-4 Krokodile:

Lego has made a set of this locomotive, but this creation easily out-shines the set. The plethora of detail is very fun. I especially like the use of clear 2×2 slopes on their sides as windows.

Here’s the whole on-track gallery

Go Speed Racer!

1816 has built a really sleek Mach 5:

I’ve never said this about a car before, but this is extremely swooshable! The excellent use of slopes in this creation is very sweet. Makes me want to get on the floor and drive it around under the dining room table…

Here’s the whole speedy gallery

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Andrew Horvatits’ Colonial Steampunk

Given that so much steampunk is Victorian, much of it seems very British. By using blue Imperial Soldiers minifigs, Andrew Horvatits’ “Colonial Steampunk” creations could be French or even American. (Just imagine steam-powered war machines at the Battle of Bunker Hill!)

Here’s Andrew’s colonial walker:

And his colonial flyer:

Tokugawa Ieyasu by Nelson Yrizarry

My series of Japanese historical and legendary characters stalled when I couldn’t figure out how to make the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu’s hat (image from Wikipedia; click to read Ieyasu’s biography):

Nelson Yrizarry has solved this problem with a unique combination of pieces, and I also like Nelson’s solution for a folded fan:

Jamie Neufeld’s Crimson Skies Minifigs

Jamie Neufeld gets steampunk. He proves this by distilling the steampunk aesthetic down to minifig scale. For a building style that relies on hoses, gauges, boilers, and an overwhelming amount of detail, this is no small feat.

Here’s Jamie’s U.S. Air Cavalryman:

And his Zeppelin-robbing thief:

Head on over to to discuss Jamie’s creations.

(Thanks to Linus Bohman for the tip on this one.)

New LEGO Community: Mecha Hub

Some of you may have noticed that I added a new site to the list of LEGO communities over on the right. Joining the likes of,, and From Bricks to Bothans, Mecha Hub is the new home for a growing community of LEGO mecha builders.

Administrator Bryce has high hopes for what Mecha Hub will be, including:

* repository for Lego Mecha models.
* dynamic resource of current builders.
* historical resource of past builders and contributions.
* dynamic how-to source for Lego Mecha builders.
* community driven knowledge base.
* platform with which to show new Lego Mecha creations.
* close knit community with active forums and feedback.

Best of luck to this new community! I would encourage those of you who build in this genre to join, and those of you who don’t to visit the site for some great inspiration.