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Heavy Swiss Freighter Titan by Jerac

Classic-Spacer Jerac (who, it turns out, isn’t Swiss after all) has posted another awesome entry in his fleet of micro-scale Swiss-themed space ships, the Titan freighter (click for gallery):

The awesome bridge:

A smaller container that slides in and out of the freighter (labeled “7”), which clamps onto the bigger, black container shown in the first picture:

An incident waiting to happen...

Jacob C., a member of Classic-Castle, has posted an incredible bridge:

This bridge blew me away. First, the size of it. Its huge! But what really makes it great is the level of architectural detail. Incredible! Hopefully those two guards facing off on the bridge are pretty laid back…this could get nasty!

Here’s the big bridge gallery

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Nothin’ Tastier than Cold Tofu on a Hot Summer Day!

In addition to chilled soba (buckwheat) noodles with dipping sauce, one of my favorite summer-time dishes is cold silken tofu garnished with green onions and ginger, drizzled with soy sauce. Called hiyayakko, it’s quick, simple, and mighty tasty!!! Mumu and his wife have each created their LEGO versions of this delicious dish. In the Mumu household, they put bonito flakes and Japanese mustard on the tofu instead of grated ginger.

Here’s Mumu’s version (I love the drizzled soy sauce):

And here’s Mumu’s wife’s tofu (the yellow must be the mustard):

The family that builds (and eats cold tofu) together stays together!

Night-Fishing with Flames and Cormorants

A traditional method of fishing practiced for hundreds of years in Japan, called ukai, involves flames and cormorants. Sounds way more fun than a fishing pole or net, right?! The fishermen place a large basket full of fire out over the water, and as fish come near the surface, the fishermen release Japanese cormorants on leashes. The cormorants catch the fish and return them to the fishermen. There’s a great photo essay on about this now-rare fishing method:

Japanese blogger Sumi_handy’s has captured ukai in a cool little scene:

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Toshiya’s Na-San

Japanese builder Toshiya has posted another adorable cartoon character, this time from the TV show Kirarin Revolution.

Here’s Na-san, the cat:

Ahhh… Adorable! Who can resist sparkly eyes?

Behold the show’s theme song in all its YouTube glory (and tremble in fear!):

At Least Humans Don’t Rust!

Chris Deck is one of my favorite builders in the mini and micro scales. He mostly builds Star Wars vehicles, but he recently posted an updated version of his Colonial Viper from the original Battlestar Galactica TV series:

While we’re at it, here’s Chris’ Galactica:

And a Cylon Raider: