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Must be a day of planes...

Mikepsiaki has built a cute little biplane that I couldn’t pass up:

While the construction of this plane is deceptively simple, the beauty of it really jumps out at you. Using mostly basic bricks, the builder has really captured a neat plane. He says it isn’t based on any real plane, but it is a perfect example of the genre. Slightly cartoony, really cute, and just a little bit burly…overall a sweet little plane.

Here’s the gallery

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Tora, Tora, Tora!

After seeing the beautiful Boeing B-29 bomber Josh posted, I could hardly neglect JUNLEGO’s swooshably cool Mitsubishi A6M2 “Zero” fighter:

(The Zero was the primary Japanese fighter in the attack on Pearl Harbor, after which the code phrase “Tora, Tora, Tora” was transmitted back to Tokyo to indicate that total surprise had been achieved.)

JUNLEGO has also posted a floatplane version of his Zero. Incidentally, he’s been working on a battleship Yamato that may rival Malle Hawking’s Harry S. Truman when it’s done!

Bombs Away!

JunLego has posted a very cool B-29 Bomber:

The details on this creation are quite good. The subtle shaping of the fuselage, the functional bomb bays, the rear gun, etc. Its a great piece of eye-candy. It never would have occured to me to use the tie fighter cockpit for this plane, and it works perfectly! Lovely, lovely plane!

Here’s the whole explosive gallery

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Sugegasa Rides the Air

Mecha master Sugegasa’s dozens of “unmanned control experiment machines” are generally controlled from afar by adorable minifig girls. According to his most recent blog post, this sometimes presents a bit of a problem:

At first, the girl simply ran after the unmanned machine, calling out instructions, but being too close proved death-defyingly dangerous, and ambient noise also sometimes prevented her commands from reaching the mecha. So, with parts she had lying around, the girl built a vehicle with enough speed to keep up with the mecha and a transmitter to clearly relay her voice commands from a safe distance.

Now, I’m generally not a fan of convoluted backstories for LEGO creations, but that is just too awesome not to pass on to all of you English-speaking LEGO fans.

Without further ado, here’s Sugegas’s flight-board:

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Minifigs of Mordor – custom Lord of the Rings minifigs

I made so many Lord of the Rings minifigs that I have to split them into two posts. Minifigs of Middle Earth was the first, and you’re reading the second, rather darker post.

The Dark Lord Sauron:


Sauron’s Ringwraiths, or Nazgul:


Saruman’s Uruk-Hai:


A bunch of motley goblins, or orcs:


Some evil men, the Haradrim:


A Haradrim oliphaunt-driver, and Grima Wormtongue:

Haradrim oliphaunt-driver Grima Wormtongue

And finally, Gollum:


Minifigs of Middle Earth – custom Lord of the Rings minifigs

Well, I got stuck trying to make more musical minifigs, so I’ve revamped the Lord of the Rings minifigs I uploaded to Brickshelf a couple summers ago.

First up, the Fellowship (Flickr photoset includes individual shots and alternate versions):

Fellowship of the Ring

Arwen and Elrond:

Arwen Elrond

Galadriel and Bilbo Baggins:

Galadriel Bilbo Baggins

Faramir and Eowyn:

Faramir Eowyn

Theoden and Eomer:

Theoden Eomer

Next up, Minifigs of Mordor!

Rock on, my little Norse dudes!

How cool is that?

Jonathan Coulton is a musician who releases his songs under a Creative Commons license, just as I do with my LEGO pictures and blog content. The idea is that you allow other people to use your creations (music, artwork, text, etc.) as part of their own creative work. The type of CC license Jonathan and I use is called Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5. That means you can copy and redistribute my work, as long as you give me credit, don’t use it for commercial purposes, and re-release your work under the same license.

When I changed my blog content and LEGO pictures from a standard copyright to a Creative Commons license, I never thought someone would actually use it, so it’s nice to know the system works. Thanks to Classic-Castler Sir Dillon for sending me a link to the video!

Now I’m off to build Jonathan in minifig form so he can join the rest of my musical minifigs. ;-)

Finally, some more links for you to click:

News Roundup: Week of June 18, 2006

It’s been a busy week of LEGO-related news.

The good:

The bad:

The ugly:

I work alone, understand? Alone.

Nelson Yrizarry mentioned recently that he has a bit of extra time on his hands. This is a wonderful thing for all of us, because he’s posted sixteen vignettes based on Spider-Man (I’m hoping Nelson will re-post some of the great minifigs separately).

Possibly lost in the Spider-Vig hubbub is a wonderful vignette based on the 1994 movie The Professional starring French actor Jean Reno, alongside Natalie Portman in her debut role (click for gallery):

Here’s Léon with his rather formidable sniper rifle: