New LEGO Community: Mecha Hub

Some of you may have noticed that I added a new site to the list of LEGO communities over on the right. Joining the likes of,, and From Bricks to Bothans, Mecha Hub is the new home for a growing community of LEGO mecha builders.

Administrator Bryce has high hopes for what Mecha Hub will be, including:

* repository for Lego Mecha models.
* dynamic resource of current builders.
* historical resource of past builders and contributions.
* dynamic how-to source for Lego Mecha builders.
* community driven knowledge base.
* platform with which to show new Lego Mecha creations.
* close knit community with active forums and feedback.

Best of luck to this new community! I would encourage those of you who build in this genre to join, and those of you who don’t to visit the site for some great inspiration.