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Harboring good builds

Last month I wrote about Andreas Lenander’s desert port, and now he’s already back with another waterfront LEGO medieval build. This one seems to be more inspired by Venice, but it’s every bit as wonderful, absolutely chock full of great techniques and little details. For instance, don’t miss the black wands, still attached to their sprue, that are used as the bars on the top windows, or the dark tan skates that are used as details throughout, from the roofline to the inside of the main arches.

Cedrica - GoH 10 year celebration

Venice and not a trolley case in sight – Barthezz Brick’s 250,000 brick LEGO tribute to Assassin’s Creed

Sometimes you stumble across a LEGO fan creation that you’d just love to see in the brick. This creation by Barthezz Brick is a good example of that. Each and every building in this creation could be featured on TBB. We generally wait until a builder has finished their work in progress before highlighting the finished build, but at some point I couldn’t control myself and wrote an article about a couple of detail shots that Barthezz posted. But finally, it’s done!

Assassin's Creed: Venice 1486 - Chapter 1 - Osservare - Main

See lots more details from this amazing LEGO recreation of Venice

Giving new meaning to the term “Little Italy”

Check out this duo of microscale Venetian palaces by builder -Brixe! The shaping on these two domiciles is impeccable, perfectly capturing the worn texture of these canal-hugging houses using bars and round plates. The color palette, with its shades of nougat and tan, contrasts the crisp light blue of the water flowing behind and in-between them. But the techniques are really where this micro-marvel stands out. I adore the use of this old school finger hinge to hold the grill plates in place as windows, with this similar piece employed for their associated balconies. And one final detail of note: the bridge joining both buildings is built with studs facing down, allowing for ideal stair construction at this scale.

Mini Venetian Houses

The Venice of our dreams

We tend to not show LEGO creations that are still a work in progress. However this display by Barthezz Brick has been drawing our attention for quite a while. We’ve been seeing WIP shots for quite some time now, and each of the buildings for his Venice creation looks unique and interesting. We haven’t seen them all together but that is one thing we are surely looking forward to! We hope these early pics get you just as excited as we are to see this model when it is completed.

Visiting a Venice-like Vacation

LEGO builder Ayrlego has stunned us with this incredible Venitian-style vintage building and dock.

L'incontro sul Balcone

What’s not to like about this build? The windows caught my eyes first, as their simple design carries so much implied detail. It’s impressive that Ayrlego was able to replicate the window design not once, not twice, but seven times. Harder to spot is the stair railing, which is made up of cheese slopes and eyeglass pieces. So simple, yet the paired brick choice is flawless for how well it works here. I love the pattern of the rounded and square tiles scattered throughout the build as well.

Ayrlego has been featured on The Brother’s Brick several times before. Check out his builds here.

I’ve been to Venice but it never looked this calm

I visited the city of Venice once and I have to admit, there will always be a special place in my heart for that city. It has it all; beautiful architecture, the docks, the bridges over the canals, romantic restaurants serving great food, and last but not least loads of tourists. At some point during my visit, it was hard to see the beauty of the city because there were so many of them/us.
Legooderso provides help for this ‘problem’ by creating the city of Venice in LEGO. They managed to capture all the key elements of the city minus the tourists. The amount of detail on this build is just amazing. A lot of unconventional parts get used as architectural details. We can discover mudguards, cattle horns and candles. Also the little niche with the chicken statue is a very nice detail. I’m not sure if I ever came across a real chicken shrine in Venice but who knows, I might have missed it due to all the tourists.