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There ain’t room in this build for the both of us

Don’t get distracted by gGh0st‘s exquisite hat choices in this imminent LEGO duel. The real battle is one of technique between the two buildings in the background. Will the bank take the win, with its multitude of wooden slat techniques (stacked plates, stacked jumpers, and stacked candles)? It’s also got that darling lettering and an interesting black awning. But the brown building is no slouch, either. Smooth curves and sand green highlights at its crown lead down to more slats, this time with gray cheese slopes. The golden yellow curtains in the window are a great touch, as are the anti-studs (undersides) of a couple of 1×3 jumper plates at the base of the building. And each structure sports its own type of brick-built door. I can’t tell which one I like better!

The Shootout

I’ve been to Venice but it never looked this calm

I visited the city of Venice once and I have to admit, there will always be a special place in my heart for that city. It has it all; beautiful architecture, the docks, the bridges over the canals, romantic restaurants serving great food, and last but not least loads of tourists. At some point during my visit, it was hard to see the beauty of the city because there were so many of them/us.
Legooderso provides help for this ‘problem’ by creating the city of Venice in LEGO. They managed to capture all the key elements of the city minus the tourists. The amount of detail on this build is just amazing. A lot of unconventional parts get used as architectural details. We can discover mudguards, cattle horns and candles. Also the little niche with the chicken statue is a very nice detail. I’m not sure if I ever came across a real chicken shrine in Venice but who knows, I might have missed it due to all the tourists.