A fishing boat that’s making waves as a great catch

You can find plenty of good seafood in Vietnam, but you need a way to catch your meal. What better way to do so than on the deck of this colorful squid fishing boat built by Hoang Dang? Practicality meets beauty thanks to the body’s bold blue, yellow and red color scheme, and additional ornamentation like lanterns and rigging used as clotheslines suggest this is a lively vessel.

Of course, we can’t ignore the scenery; the waves feel natural and are organically formed to fit the shape of the hull. The flow of the waves is the result of a foundation sculpted from LEGO bricks and plates, which is in turn topped with thousands of blue antennas, Technic half pins, and translucent clear and blue 1×1 round tiles. Though the seascape is parts intensive, the technique is visually stunning.

A closeup of the deck reveals a high level of detail, including reddish brown containers built into the floorboards for texture. The traps on the deck are loaded to the brim with fish, starfish and scallops. In particular, the red trap looks realistic with red crowbars cleverly used to form its height.

To be truly appreciated, the boat is best viewed from multiple angles. Failure to do so means missing out on tiny details and how certain patterns were formed. You might even miss the Belville dog peeking out the door!

This vessel appears to be the spiritual successor of one of Hoang Dang’s ships we shared back in 2014. While both ships are beautiful, Hoang Dang LEGO building skills have come a long way since then.