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The Jade Chamber of Genshin Impact descends like a ton of LEGO bricks

Genshin Impact is one of the biggest successes in modern video games with an enormous international fanbase. The Chinese-inspired region of Liyue and the heavenly Jade Chamber are especially popular for their striking architecture and cultural representation. LEGO builder Hugo Huang brings to life the massive Jade Chamber at micro scale, capturing the climactic moment when the palace drops from the heavens to save the city from the god-monster Osial.¬†Hugo adeptly captures the palace’s curves and complex angles in profile, as well as the detailed joinery and gold ornamentation in close up. The blue heads of Osial, the roiling sea, and nanofigures elevate the scene and help sell the scale. Ningguang would be proud! This is the second rendition of the Jade Chamber to be featured here, but the iconic palace also fits nicely in the grand tradition of castles built atop floating rocks.


From above Liyue, the LEGO Jade Chamber beckons

It’s not everyday that you see a tribute to the video game Genshin Impact in LEGO form. But that’s not the only thing that’s exceptional about this microscale Jade Chamber by builder Quy Chau. For instance, those roofs tiled in pearl gold are quite fetching! Sharp angles aplenty adorn the structure in the clouds, from the central octagonal tower to the hexadecagonal stone base it rests upon. The trans-light blue pond that rings the main tower is a great splash of color, with all its accompanying greenery. While I’ve never played the game, this model certainly makes me want to give it a try!

Jade Chamber (Genshin Impact)

Giving new meaning to the term “Little Italy”

Check out this duo of microscale Venetian palaces by builder -Brixe! The shaping on these two domiciles is impeccable, perfectly capturing the worn texture of these canal-hugging houses using bars and round plates. The color palette, with its shades of nougat and tan, contrasts the crisp light blue of the water flowing behind and in-between them. But the techniques are really where this micro-marvel stands out. I adore the use of this old school finger hinge to hold the grill plates in place as windows, with this similar piece employed for their associated balconies. And one final detail of note: the bridge joining both buildings is built with studs facing down, allowing for ideal stair construction at this scale.

Mini Venetian Houses

Classical Prussian splendour, realised in Lego

Builder Christian Rau has recreated in LEGO the famous Sanssouci Palace in Germany.
Built to the style of the Architecture line, Christian has captured the opulent villa and its magnificent Gardens.  The terraced walkways are recreated well with a half stud offset allowing a shallower curve to the hedges and pathways. Atop the hill, we find the Sanssouci Palace. To capture the facade of the building at this scale, Christian has employed brackets to allow building in multiple directions which has allowed him to add the narrow yet grand windows.

Sanssouci - Potsdam

Moving to the Gardens at the foot of the build, Christian has captured the marble statues at this scale via two nipple pieces using the flower as a decorative flourish before we reach the pool of water with a trans blue candle flame utilised to add an impressive display without distracting from the magnificence of the Palace above.

I’m enjoying studying this build as the smallest detail is realised in LEGO form here, effortlessly looking the part.