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The 8 approved LEGO Ideas winners under development to be released as LEGO sets [News]

LEGO Ideas has never been so popular with so many projects in the pipeline. With a total of 8 projects in various stages of being developed or being prepped for final launch dates, it’s almost hard to keep track and remember them all. We list the projects here as a refresher of what’s to come to be a reality and an official LEGO set.

Click to see the 8 project submissions that will become LEGO sets

LEGO reveals Seinfeld, Home Alone and a working typewriter will become next fan-inspired Ideas sets [News]

LEGO Ideas has revealed that three fan-submitted projects will become official sets including a mechanical typewriter and two sets based on TV and film properties Seinfeld and Home Alone. The three projects were chosen from a selection of 12 submissions to the LEGO Ideas platform between September 2019 and January 2020 which achieved 10,000 supporters. Notable brands not chosen as future LEGO sets include Zelda, Futurama and Ratatouille.

Get a closer look at the three new upcoming LEGO Ideas sets.

Type your next LEGO order on this Underwood brand typewriter

Building replicas of real-world objects is a common theme with LEGO creators, and while they span the range of size, from larger than life to microscale, creating 1:1 scale models like this Underwood typewriter by Jonas Kramm is a true art form. This model of the classic typewriter fits a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. There is so much attention to detail in this model, but I especially love the two gold tiles used as the attachment point for the typewriter’s case. If I close my eyes, I can almost hear the clickety-click-clack of the keys.

A type back to the 1930s, down memory lane

A while ago we featured an excellent set of instructions for a tiny typewriter. While that was amazing build in its own right, this build by Steve Guinness is quite impressive! The details such as the ribbon spool, the carriage return lever, the type bar and colour somehow remind me of an old school Remington Junior styled from the 1930s. I did spot something unusual though, the space bar seems to be missing!

Tiny types of builds are the best [Instructions]

It was love at first type when I looked at this. Niklas Rosén built a nostalgic machine that’s almost extinct now with the advent of the new era of computers. You now get to build this right at home because it is just the type of build where you probably could find the parts for if you search hard enough in your stash of parts. And to make it fun, don’t stereotype the choice of colours to just black or red. Be adventurous and perhaps you’d want to make some modifications to your own prototype!

Old typewriter

Click to get the instructions and start building

Tiny retro typewriter goes clickity clack

Here’s another old-fashioned writing instrument to follow up my last one.

The building team calling themselves BricksBen (Benjamin Cheh & Jeffrey Kong have built an adorable little typewriter, not just with a great retro look but full of novel parts uses and solid building techniques.

BricksBen - LEGO Typewriter - 0

To achieve the even slope of the keys within the case, Benjamin and Jeffrey used headlight bricks:

BricksBen - LEGO Typewriter - Cross Section

See more photos on BricksBen.com.

And since this isn’t something inspired by a movie or video game, I’m happy to suggest you head on over to LEGO CUUSOO and support this project. In the meantime, I may need to build one of these for myself…

Arvo’s Vintage Typewriter

I’m declaring the Arvo Brothers the Master of Everyday Objects.

I said in my most recent post about his mini Nord Lead synthesizer that it’s harder to make big things small than it is to make big or life-size versions of big things.

This is certainly true of their latest creation, which looks like a real-life typewriter until you realize it’s made from LEGO bricks, and then you realize it’s a teeny tiny LEGO typewriter (look at the studs) less than six inches across: