The 8 approved LEGO Ideas winners under development to be released as LEGO sets [News]

LEGO Ideas has never been so popular with so many projects in the pipeline. With a total of 8 projects in various stages of being developed or being prepped for final launch dates, it’s almost hard to keep track and remember them all. We list the projects here as a refresher of what’s to come to be a reality and an official LEGO set.

Earth Globe
Fan Designer Guillaume aka Disneybricks55

Project Approved Date:  Sep 30, 2020
10K Achievement: May 01, 2020
100 to 10K supporters: 89 days
Number of projects achieving 10K:  3

Guillaume’s other projects:

Seinfeld 30th Anniversary
Fan Designer: Brent Waller

Project Approved Date: 23 June 2020
10K Achievement: Sept 15, 2019
100 to 10K supporters: 88 days
Number of projects achieving 10K:  7
Number of official sets produced: 1, LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Brent Wallers’s other projects:

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Home Alone. McCallister’s House
Fan Designer: adwind

Project Approved Date:  June 23 2020
10K Achievement:  Dec 1, 2019
Number of Days from 100 to 10K supporters: 298 days

Fan Designer:  Steve Guinness

Project Approved Date:  Jun 23, 2020
10K Achievement:  Oct 21, 2019
100 to 10K supporters:  596 days

Winnie The Pooh
Fan Designer: benlouisa

Project Approved Date:  Feb 12, 2020
10K Achievement:  Jul 10, 2019
100 to 10K supporters: 132 days

Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone
Fan Designer:  Viv Grannell aka toastergrl

Project Approved Date:  Feb 4 2021
10K Achievement:  March 11 2020
100 to 10K supporters: 382 days

Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night
Fan Designer:   Truman Cheng aka legotruman

Project Approved Date:  4 Feb 2021
10K Achievement:  Aug 13 2020
100 to 10K supporters: 20 days
Number of projects achieving 10K:  3

Truman’s other projects:

The Legendary Stratocaster (Music to our ear Ideas contest)
Fan Designer: Tomáš Letenay aka TOMOELL

This LEGO Ideas project isn’t the standard fan-voted approach as showcased for the other 7 submissions above. This design was submitted under the “Music To My Ears” LEGO Ideas contents which is a themed build contest. The contents had two separate potential winning paths – fan votes, and direct decisions from the Product Idea Review process.

While fans got to vote for their favourites, the results of it being a LEGO Ideas set had nothing to do with the selection process from fans, nor was there any obligation for LEGO to use the winning entry. The fan-voted designs won gift prizes, and The Legendary Stratocaster entry came in at 7th place with 9 designs in total. The LEGO Ideas team was more impressed by this and shortlisted this as a LEGO Ideas set for review and eventually selected.

There you have it, the current list of LEGO Ideas approved projects. While they all may not be your favourites, the LEGO Ideas designs and selections may not always target the typical LEGO fan and are meant to cast a wider audience that hasn’t been exposed to building LEGO in a while or at all. If you do have a few that you’re eyeing, tell us about them in the comments below.

5 comments on “The 8 approved LEGO Ideas winners under development to be released as LEGO sets [News]

  1. CDSlice

    Most of these projects fell pretty “meh” to me, mostly just more nostalgic throwbacks to classic shows and movies (and I guess video games now.) At least the globe and guitars look like they could be pretty interesting.

  2. Greg DLX

    I don t know, the globe has the potential to show us new techniques we did not think of like the Saturn V

  3. elephantcaptain

    Looking forward to the globe. Really don’t care at all about any of the others, in fact, I would almost say I hate some of the others. Not the model, but the idea itself. I am not a fan of Home Alone or Sienfeld, and really don’t think either of those deserve to be Lego sets.

    Typewriter is cool, but TLC chose that over the Bionicle set. Winnie the Pooh is kinda interesting. the rest are pure meh.

  4. Håkan


    There was a set 21103 The DeLorean Time Machine released back in 2013. If you’re not referring to that, I don’t think Lego’s particularly interested in another release of the same car.

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