Tiny types of builds are the best [Instructions]

It was love at first type when I looked at this. Niklas Rosén built a nostalgic machine that’s almost extinct now with the advent of the new era of computers. You now get to build this right at home because it is just the type of build where you probably could find the parts for if you search hard enough in your stash of parts. And to make it fun, don’t stereotype the choice of colours to just black or red. Be adventurous and perhaps you’d want to make some modifications to your own prototype!

Old typewriter

Here are the types of parts that you’ll need on hand:

3 comments on “Tiny types of builds are the best [Instructions]

  1. Elspeth De Montes

    @Simon – Our senior contributor, Edwinder created them based on the original model by Niklas (and with the builders consent of course).

  2. Simon Hildebrandt

    I’m plotting a Valentine’s Day gift for my wife – it would be wonderful to get the parts list and/or build file. :)

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