LEGO Ideas second 2017 review results may disappoint [News]

Over the past several months, the LEGO Review Board has been reviewing the 6 projects that reached 10,000 supporters between May and September 2017, the second review qualification period of 2017.

The second 2017  review included six builds : Luke’s Diner from the television series Gilmour Girls, The Wonders of Peru, NASA Saturn-V Launch Umbilical Tower, NASA Space Shuttle, NF-15B Research aircraft and Star Wars I am Your Father scene.

Unfortunately, LEGO Ideas have just announced that none of the 6 projects in review have been selected as the next LEGO Ideas set.

The next review results should be announced in the summer and seven qualifying projects are being considered at present.  To help pacify fans that may be very disappointed that there are no sets planned from the most recent review, the Ideas team have revealed that the LEGO Review Board has already selected one project that will become an official LEGO Ideas set. Which one of the seven projects would you most like to have made into an official LEGO Ideas set?

9 comments on “LEGO Ideas second 2017 review results may disappoint [News]

  1. Håkan

    Well, not too unsurprising. I guess all of the proposed sets were too big and/or bland and/or based on too niche IP:s…

    (Well, Star Wars is not a niche IP, but TLG had already said that no further Star Wars-based ideas would be accepted.)

    For the next review, I’d guess either the popup book or another one of Robert Bontenbal’s harbor houses might be the most likely bet.

  2. Purple Dave

    Of the next review, I’d think the Christmas Story house and the pop-up book stand the best chance. Anything that includes the words “another one of” is likely to face the same fate as Research Institute II.

  3. Randy

    None of the above. I was personally hoping for the launch tower or at least the shuttle. I am confused as to why the launch tower was rejected as it shouldn’t require any licensing fees. There can be no argument that one would have to buy the Saturn V to have it make any sense, because that’s precisely what TLG did with the Winter Train Station. So if TLG is going to produce a set that pretty much requires the purchase of another $100+ set then I would like to hear their excuses to why the tower was rejected. The finalists are a sad lot. I also question as to how a drag queen based set falls in line with TLGs values. It seems like I won’t be buying anymore Ideas sets for at least a while.

  4. M2m

    Can see why the launch tower wasn’t selected. It’s not a good set by its own. You need the Saturn-V. And then it’s not clear if all of the Saturn owners will eventually buy it. So basically limiting potential customers too much.

  5. Håkan

    The Launch Tower is an add-on-set which is pretty pointless in itself, but would still sell for a high amount of money, it’s way too much of a niche product. The Train Station is a lot cheaper, and would also make more sense as a separate build.

  6. Purple Dave

    The launch pad _may_ have sold a few copies for parts, or for people who wanted to display their own rocket MOCs, but the customer base would have automatically been a fraction of the number who buy the Apollo rocket. It’s also derivative of a previous Ideas set, which is a strong indication that a project will be rejected. And as for the Winter Village Train Station…they make other trains. They could keep the station in production for the next decade and there would always be a train of some sort that could pair with it. Granted, a cargo train parked in front would look kinda weird, but not nearly so much as a T+30 launch pad.

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