LEGO reveals Seinfeld, Home Alone and a working typewriter will become next fan-inspired Ideas sets [News]

LEGO Ideas has revealed that three fan-submitted projects will become official sets including a mechanical typewriter and two sets based on TV and film properties Seinfeld and Home Alone. The three projects were chosen from a selection of 12 submissions to the LEGO Ideas platform between September 2019 and January 2020 which achieved 10,000 supporters. Notable brands not chosen as future LEGO sets include Zelda, Futurama and Ratatouille.

Seinfeld 30th Anniversary by Brent Waller

Nostalgia is on the menu with 90’s sitcom Seinfeld becoming a LEGO set. This will be the third LEGO Ideas set based on a live-action sitcom following the living room from The Big Bang Theory and Friends ‘ Central Perk. The creator Brent Waller joins Jason Alleman as fan-designers with multiple successful LEGO Ideas projects, with his Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters launching six years ago.

Home Alone McCallister’s House by Alex Storozhuk (aka adwind)

The classic Christmas film Home Alone is another shot of nostalgia that will become a LEGO set. Designer Alex Storozhuk’s submission will likely become an unofficial addition to most LEGO fan’s brick-built winter villages around the holidays. LEGO Ideas Design Manager Samuel Johnson revealed that the final set will have many play features of Kevin McCallister’s sneaky traps, though if you just can’t wait, check out Citizen Brick’s “Negligent Parents” minifigures to tide you over.

LEGO Typewriter by Steve Guinness

The last LEGO Ideas project is a mechanical typewriter from Steve Guinness. Steve was one of the winners of LEGO Masters UK, and his eye for complex mechanics will now become available to LEGO fans worldwide. The typewriter is reminiscent of the upcoming Playable Piano LEGO Ideas set targeted at adults, though the typing machine is powered by a hand-crank and not by pressing the keys themselves. Hopefully the final version will include a space bar!

Here is the full list of reviewed projects, including nine projects that were unfortunately not selected to become LEGO sets this time around.

Do you agree with the results? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

24 comments on “LEGO reveals Seinfeld, Home Alone and a working typewriter will become next fan-inspired Ideas sets [News]

  1. William

    Aww, I really wanted that clockwork aquarium to make it through. I supported that. :(

  2. Daniel

    Congratulations to the winners. Great jobs all around But seriously very disappointed in these choices. They’re so lack luster. Especially the Seinfeld set. Don’t get me wrong I’m a Seinfeld fan. But how does a show absolutely about nothing. Become the new lego set selection. Talk about leading the pack in mediocrity. At least the Futurama set was different and looked challenging. But the Seinfeld set you can make from a stock photo. No imagination required. Its definitely not Sponge Worthy !

  3. mezba

    Very disappointing. Lego , if they want to cater for adults, should go back to nostalgia. Space. Pirates. Knights.

    Instead we get Seinfeld.

  4. winstonheard

    @daniel, maybe a lego sponge will be included. Though I imagine it would be… uncomfortable.

  5. Greg Dlx

    @mezba, completely agree, the fact that we do not have a castle after all these years is beyond me. We saw that there is a market for it when Bricklink launched their own products and the first sets to go through were a castle and a far west stable.

  6. K

    My wallet says thanks, doubt I will be buying any of the three picked sets. Futurama and Zelda was by far the two most interesting options for me.

  7. Benjamin von Sück

    I wanted that BotW stable more than anything. Here’s hoping LEGO just makes those sets anyway and says they had nothing to do with the fan submissions.

  8. Peter

    Another “stage set” set, after Big Bang Theory and Friends (both better shows), a big house that we won’t be able to afford (can barely scrape enough for a regular modular building) and a monochromatic typewriter. The typewriter looks interesting from a technical perspective, but choices overall could have been so much better. The Ratatouille kitchen and winter chalet are both more colourful, vibrant and interesting with more potential for both play and display than Seinfeld and (maybe just from a display perspective) Home Alone respectively. And why choose a typrewiter when there’s a green, curvy spaceship, a vintage dreadnought (we are crying out for an amazing Lego ship model) and an amazing Legend if Zelda tribute?

  9. Charles Bosse

    I am excited for the typewriter, but… my kids JUST watched Ratatouille, just finished BoTW and are looking forward to the recently announced sequel. When will they watch Seinfeld? Well, they won’t watch it with me. Same with Home Alone (that’s a level of violence I cringe to think seemed funny, plus I guess I’m a little put off by the roll of a certain POTUS in it). Even Futurama is more rewatchable than Seinfeld and while I won’t be watching it with my kids for a few years, I probably will be eventually. And that aquarium looked cool enough that I may try and see if I can get the build design myself and part it together. Stables, Aquarium and Ratatouille would have been my top though.

    Also, way to pick some super white sets. Didn’t really read the room there did we Lego?

    So yeah, not what I would have picked, but hey, saving me some money.

  10. GonzoBobH

    I am an AFoL. I have a Lego room. Space sets. Train sets. Modular sets.

    But I am with Charles here: IMDB these shows and you find them lacking actors of color. Toss in Richards racist rants…

    (RICHARDSON: “Shut up! Fifty years ago we’d have you upside down with a [expletive] fork up your [expletive]!” When audience members gasped, he said, “That’s what happens when you interrupt a white man, don’t you know?” He then continued ranting calling the man the N-word numerous times.)

    …and I don’t think Mr. Niels Christiansen thought too long on this.

  11. Vykk Draygo

    Yeah, my wallet thanks you, Lego, as I guess I won’t be spending $200 on a Planet Express ship.

  12. Jason

    So wanting that HomeAlone house—totally nostalgic, would look AWESOME in city MOC’s, it’s perfect for the holidays and it’s the 30th Anniversary!! This will be appreciated by the core LEGO user, young at heart who do not regularly build and the AFOL!! Smart business choice!!!

  13. Exxos

    I am not interested in any of these.

    The Seinfeld set the least so. The Big Bang Theory and Friends sets were inappropriate, but at least had the potential for getting lots of interesting parts on BrickLink… But this? Seinfeld’s apartment is just a drab, pointless expanse meant to be as uninteresting to the eye as possible so as to not take away from the actors.

    The Home Alone house is okay for architecture’s sake, but it falls flat.

    The typewriter is sort of neat, but all things considered, if I was that nostalgic, I would restore an actual typewriter.

    I had a mild want for the Futurama ship and the chalet, but out of the ones that were viable (Somehow I think transvestite Freddie Mercury and a warship would not fly with lego), they picked probably the bottom three somehow.

  14. Stephan

    The typewriter really looks cool. I think those three are the best choices among the sets above.

  15. Chip

    So the surest way to get an “ideas” set made continues to be stealing Hollywood’s ideas. This whole program has been a travesty.

  16. gol

    I thought Seinfeld would be too edgy for Lego, glad they’re making it, I’ll definitely buy it.

  17. Abaddon

    Seinfeld is no surprise, the show is crud and the set is dull but it has heaps of followers.Home Alone, one of the most violent movies to ever get a PG rating. And a typewriter.
    Futurame would have been great, clock work acquarium. Queen! that has heaps of followers!

    What went wrong in the judging department

  18. So disappointed

    The whole Ideas program is a joke by now. Good job Lego, thumbs up. A racist Seinfeld actor made to be a minifig.

  19. Brooklyn

    So happy to hear Seinfeld was chosen! It is the best television show ever created, nothing has ever come close to the brilliant writing of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David and it definitely deserves this tribute. We will be purchasing so many of these kits for family and friends who are all huge fans! Can’t wait to buy it….To all the negative commenters, glad I don’t have your miserable attitude, as Jerry says, “people are the worst”. Great choice Lego!

  20. Terry Bussey

    Must make you feel great, sitting there all condescending and judgemental. What happened to just sending good wishes and congratulations to the winners who achieved something most of us will never even get close to accomplishing? And please, enough with the racist soapbox comments. Kramer the Seinfeld character has nothing to do with Michael Richards the person.

  21. Shazam

    What a preachy bunch of virtue signalers commenting on seinfeld. Sorry you can’t erase everyone and everything you find offensive in the world.

  22. bricktales

    Hmm, congrats to the builders, but as with others I’m disappointed. I did really like the Ratatouille set and was hoping for that one. LEGO has lots of Pixar sets (Toy Story, Cars), so the IP is doable. I guess maybe they were thinking it wouldn’t be a big seller as I think Ratatouille didn’t generate a lot of merchandising (insert Yogurt quote: “Merchandising, merchandising, where the real money from the movie is made. Spaceballs-the T-shirt, Spaceballs-the Coloring Book, Spaceballs-the Lunch box, Spaceballs-the Breakfast Cereal, Spaceballs-the Flame Thrower.”) But I agree with others it was my favorite build of the sets under review.

    Seinfeld fits well with this mini-theme in Ideas – take a long-running sitcom, build a main film set, insert figs of the characters. As others noted the set of Seinfeld wasn’t really exciting, just a mid-nineties apartment, but faithfully executed here. It does seem like this is a good route to getting an Ideas set through. Hmm, what could they do? Cheers would be a good build, but LEGO won’t do a bar. Roseanne would have been a good build, but the politics won’t work on that I’m sure. Maybe Fresh Prince? Everybody Loves Raymond? That 70s show (probably too risque)? The Office? Parks and Rec? Veep? Louie? (Okay, now I’m just trolling).

    As to the Zelda set – did anyone really expect this? They’ve already rejected Zelda sets three times before. There’s another Zelda set in the next round – is there any chance it will go through? I’d say no. It can’t be because the IP can’t be worked out, as Zelda is a Nintendo property and LEGO is making Mario sets. I can’t imagine it’s about popularity, since five zelda sets have made it to 10000 votes, so there’s definite demand. The only thing I can think is maybe LEGO has their own Zelda stuff in the works and won’t do it through Ideas.

    Home Alone is a nice looking build, but I’m not a town builder. From someone above – POTUS was in Home Alone 2, not the original.

    Typewriter? I’m confused by this one. Yes, maybe interesting from a mechanism standpoint, but, c’mon, we had a typewriter like that one when I was a kid but replaced it in the late 70s with the one with the little ball – presumably an IBM Selectric since my dad used to work for IBM. So who is the market for this? I’m 51, and it’s still too old to fall into the nostalgia category for me – anyone more than a couple of years younger than me wouldn’t even know what this is.

    As with others above, I keep hoping for some castle love. There’s a nice castle build in the next review period, so maybe some hope there.

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