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Let your inner child explore the galaxy in this Neo-Classic Space pod

If you’re a LEGO fan of a certain age, it’s impossible not to love a sci-fi vehicle built in blue and gray. That old school color combo will transport you back to the 80s as effectively as a slingshot around the sun. The Galaxy Explorer Ground Station is no exception to this rule. Sure, its round shape and detailed greebling might set it apart from the simpler sets of yesteryear, but there’s no denying where LEGO builder The Brick Artisan draws his inspiration from. This one-man landing pod not only looks great, but it’s also packed with all the play features our inner children are looking for, like a spinning radar dish and opening door. Remove the roof, and you’ll find lots of cool computer details. It’s everything a young (or old) explorer needs on a hostile and unexplored alien planet.

Galaxy Explorer Ground Station

When you love Classic Space and have a lot of it to haul around

We all love LEGO Classic Space, right? Sure we do, it hits us right in the nostalgic feels. But what happens when you love it so much that you have a lot of it to haul around? It turns out, The Brick Artisan has answered all our prayers and my weird premise with this Classic Space Compact Transport Rover. It can haul your barrels of toxic waste, whatever comes in those blue canisters (probably also toxic), and whatever that greebly doohickey is of questionable toxicity. Let’s just err on the side of safety and assume it’s all toxic. Thankfully these rovers were fitted with sensitive gyroscopic technologies and extremely responsive suspension so we’ve not shaking up things we don’t have to. This isn’t the first time we were totally delighted by this builder’s Classic Space stuff. Check out what I mean in our archives.

Classic Space Compact Transport Rover by The Brick Artisan

Back to the future, sort of.

Usually when LEGO fans think of Vic Vipers, they think of NoVVember – but this new design by The Brick Artisan shows that a good theme isn’t confined to a singe month. The LL-551 Viper is full of sweet sci-fi details like twin laser cannons and integrated shielding. On the building side of things, there are all sorts of clever choices like using minifigure metal detectors as part of the hull. There’s also a wealth of quality greebling and great details like using the gap between arched bricks to house some tubing. This is one sweet ride that can help carry us over until next November.

LL-551 Viper

The colors and logos also identify the LL-551 as part of the NeoClassic Space theme. Isn’t it nice when the future is clearly such a bright and shining place?

Green tinted window canopies for everyone

The Brick Artisan might call this creation a LG-401 Dioptase Moth, but all I can see is a Yanma from Pokémon. A lot is going on in this creation, including an abundance of older parts. The arms are made of the homemaker figure arms. The large variety of trans-green parts were certainly and inspiration to build this wonderful creation. I personally didn’t know the Modified Facet 3 x 3 x 2 Top came in trans-green, but now I do. To me, the best part of this creation has to be the really large Belville castle doors being used as wings for this creature. Using castle doors in a space creation sounds like a bad idea, but they look stunning!

LG-401 Dioptase Moth


The thing I like best about The Brick Artisan‘s space-based creations is the technical backstory worked into each one. The LL-856 Hammerhead is a vehicle of discovery; measuring gravitational and magnetic fields to learn more about planetary bodies. Built firmly in the Neo-Classic Space style, the bold blue of the main hull contrasts nicely with the heavily detailed mechanics in grey. Two parts inspired this build: The yellow canopies, and a blue castle turret.

LL-856 Hammerhead

Seen from the top and bottom, you can appreciate the sheer volume of greebling that adorns this ship. All that detailing makes this ship feel super-functional, even if the implication is that the two pilots can’t stand to be in the same room for very long.

LL-856 Hammerhead

As a final question, does this build remind anyone else of a Benny-fied version of the 70849 Wyld-Mayhem Star Fighter? Just me? Oh well.

It sounded like a good idea

Seismic communication? In my Federation? It’s more likely than you think. The Brick Artisan has created a LEGO Heavy Communications Rover that overcomes planetary dust and electrical storms with the power of vibration. It’d take a scientist to explain that, probably. Meanwhile, we can marvel at that intricate radar dish construction. There’s everything in there from minifigure jackhammers to battle droid torsos. The overall shaping of the rover reminds me of the old Rock Raiders theme, or the even earlier 6950 Mobile Rocket Transport, which isn’t too shocking considering the wheels and fenders were likely sourced from the Rock Raiders line and the canopy pieces from Classic Space — those three interlocking yellow windscreens take this build to another place entirely.

Heavy Communications Rover

Speaking of Rock Raiders, how many of you first thought you were looking at a cave interior as the background here? I sure did. But that’s actually a still from Fury Road showing a massive dust storm. It still works for this creation’s backstory, but it sure felt weird to realize that. Anyway, if you want to see even more details of this clever build, check out this unedited shot.