Green tinted window canopies for everyone

The Brick Artisan might call this creation a LG-401 Dioptase Moth, but all I can see is a Yanma from Pokémon. A lot is going on in this creation, including an abundance of older parts. The arms are made of the homemaker figure arms. The large variety of trans-green parts were certainly and inspiration to build this wonderful creation. I personally didn’t know the Modified Facet 3 x 3 x 2 Top came in trans-green, but now I do. To me, the best part of this creation has to be the really large Belville castle doors being used as wings for this creature. Using castle doors in a space creation sounds like a bad idea, but they look stunning!

LG-401 Dioptase Moth

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  1. Håkan

    Well, those arms and grips were featured several times in actual Classic Space sets, so the usage in itself might not be so surprising. (Including 6750, 6822, 6880, 6882, 6940 and 6951 …)

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