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I’ll take the next train; this one looks a little crowded…

Ben Cossy was inspired by the PS4 Spider-Man game and wanted to capture the Mr. Negative subway battle in brick form. But, with no Mr. Negative minifigure to turn to, Ben adapted his idea into a classic Spidey/Venom throw-down. The kinetic energy imbued into the combatants and the subway car battle damage is an excellent example of storytelling in vignette form. But, looking past the action, you’ll see that Ben’s captured all the details of a subway car wonderfully, from the brick-built doors to the numerous ads and posters. Although we have to wonder about the “Wayne Technology” ad. Is this a continuity error, or are the multiversal shenanigans getting that far out of hand?

Venom VS Spider-man - Subway Brawl

VDNKh station from novel Metro 2033

Based on the novel Metro 2033 by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky about a post nuclear age in Russia, Fedin (Fianat) has recreated the Metro station which serves as main setting:

METRO 2033

While I have not read the book, I love this build. I particularly liked the attention to detail with all the crumbly bits and the fantastic arched back which really creates a sense of being in an underground subway station.

LEGO underground train with working platform and train doors. And more.

As though making a very nice looking cutaway street scene with an underground Metro (subway for our US readers) train wasn’t enough, serial genius Esben Kolind has gone several better. His Metro train and station uses NXT, technic and a load of smarts to feature sliding doors which open when the train hits the station. But wait there’s more. Not content with just having the train doors open, the station doors open at the same time, preventing minifig suicide, and impressing the pants off onlookers. And to lift (excuse the pun) his game, Esben also adds a working elevator.

Subway commute

I’ve seen a lot of trains, but I don’t remember seeing a subway scene. If that’s what you’re look for, then Nathaniel Brill has something for you. The train runs on a 12-volt track, which is not the standard train track design by LEGO. Also note that the arched ceiling in the subway station is built from skateboard ramps.

Beneath Gotham

Gotham City Subway racers

In his explorations of the subway system of Gotham City Brent Wolke (thwaak) has uncovered a secret world: a world of subway racers. These are the cutest set of LEGOy things I’ve seen in ages.

Crises in the city!

The LUGPol “Policemen and Thieves” contest has Brickshelfer Crises chasing itty bitty crooks through the streets of an itty bitty city (complete with subway system).

(Via MicroBricks.)