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A carefully tended tree thrives in a dark and distant future

There is much more to this stunning model than just a pretty tree. Tim Goddard creates a stark focal point using color for the tree but many neutral shades for the rest of the scene. One of the subtle details that struck me right away was the use of dark gray ingot pieces in the structure just next to the right robot arm, which provides a distinct shadow texture. The nearly completely recessed ladders lining the gently curving back wall are another. Framing the tree with the robot arms and including the many tubes bringing what is likely water and nutrients re-inforces the extreme value of this tree as part of a larger untold story.

Last of its kind

These caves are several miles down, but only six studs deep.

Mystery and adventure await all those who are brave enough to ride the secret elevator to the underground boat dock in The Deep Down, by Eli Willsea. Limited to what he could fit in a carry-on suitcase for a cross-country convention trip, Eli managed to pack a mountain of detail into a microscale space. This build gets some amazing results from some deceptively simple techniques, like the boat dock made from half-pressed together plates and the roof of the house held on only by gravity.

The Deep Down

But it isn’t only simplicity that makes this build shine. The scene includes a working elevator and lights that illuminate the underground chambers for an extra eerie atmosphere. Take a look at the video below to see all the features of the build in action and get inspired to do some exploring of your own.

LEGO underground train with working platform and train doors. And more.

As though making a very nice looking cutaway street scene with an underground Metro (subway for our US readers) train wasn’t enough, serial genius Esben Kolind has gone several better. His Metro train and station uses NXT, technic and a load of smarts to feature sliding doors which open when the train hits the station. But wait there’s more. Not content with just having the train doors open, the station doors open at the same time, preventing minifig suicide, and impressing the pants off onlookers. And to lift (excuse the pun) his game, Esben also adds a working elevator.