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One small step for man, one giant leap for pug-kind

I’m starting to get suspicious that LEGO builders are creating pug-themed creations because they know I’ll feature just about every single one. Well, keep it coming! This pug astronaut by 鄭 仲恆 appears to be surprised by something he sees off in the distance above him. The space suit is well-constructed and realistic, with a bubble helmet to encompass the pug’s bubble head and bubble eyes.


Here at The Brothers Brick, we can’t help ourselves sometimes — we hope the talented builder doesn’t mind — and we took it upon ourselves to give this lovely space-pooch some adventures. Here he is landing on the moon. Or was he already there and he’s been surprised by the Apollo 11 crew landing next to him?

Pug astronaut on the moon (built by 鄭 仲恆)

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Pugs and Corgis and Frenchies, oh my! A cavalcade of LEGO canine cuteness!

A couple weeks ago we featured an adorable LEGO miniature dachshund, whose, uh, accurately brick-built posterior attracted some rather surprised comments. It’s wonderful to see that the Year of the Dog is inspiring builders to create realistic LEGO depictions of man’s best friend. Leading the pack thus far has been ZiO Chao (of recent wiener dog fame), with another trio of wonderful creatures.

Unsurprisingly, this chubby little pug is my favorite of the bunch, reminding me of TBB’s unofficial mascot, Oliver Twist the pug. He has a lovely corkscrew tail and floppy little ears.


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Build your own LEGO Oliver Twist the pug dog [Instructions]

Even though The Brothers Brick’s official mascot is some type of strepsirrhine primate, our unofficial mascots have always been my pugs, first the late, great Mr. Pugsly and now Oliver Twist. TBB’s own Elspeth De Montes created a LEGO version of little Ollie for our recent calendar contest, and she has just posted simple instructions for you to build your own LEGO pug.

Oliver TBB LEGO Pug Instructions

Pugs + Exo Suits is TOTALLY A THING!

Remember how I suggested that you should take a picture of your pug with your LEGO Exo Suit? Well, that is now TOTALLY AN ACTUAL THING!

Where there’s a meme, a LEGO version by our own dear Iain is not far behind! Here’s a micro-LEGO Mr. Oliver Twist the Pug with a micro-LEGO LEGO Exo Suit! So meta…


Cooper‘s adorable pug Quatchi takes a taste of the Exo Suit’s Communication Link.

Pug + EXOSUIT + Mini

Keep those pug + Exo Suit photos coming, dear readers! For those with a LEGO Exo Suit set, all you need is a pug. Frustratingly, pugs may be back ordered.

Fear not! The LEGO Exo Suit is not a limited run [News]

It’s been about a week since LEGO released the new Exo Suit, and there’s been quite a lot of rumor and conjecture circulating about how many will be available, and whether backorders placed after last Thursday night will be fulfilled. I had a conference call with LEGO staff in Enfield and Billund yesterday, and they all reassured me that the “limited run” rumors (especially the rumored number of “10,000”) are completely false.

If LEGO’s own word isn’t enough, here’s Oliver Twist the Pug to inspire confidence.

Oliver   Exo Suit   mini Mini Cooper = Win!

We’ll be closing down the LEGO Exo Suit raffle next Friday morning so that we can ship out the set in a timely manner, so head on over to that post and leave a comment if you want to win one.

But the important update here is that our raffle isn’t the only way for you to get an Exo Suit — go ahead and order your Exo Suits (and click through from The Brothers Brick if you’d like to support what we do), and LEGO will fulfill those orders once their supply chain catches up with this initial burst of demand. The LEGO Shop online currently lists the set as either “Temporarily Out of Stock” or “Sold Out”, but this is more of a website status issue than a predictor of future availability. Once they become available on each site, LEGO reassures me that you can go ahead and order them with confidence:

And since I’ve included a photo of my pug Ollie with my own Exo Suit that arrived last Thursday, let’s totally make pugs + Exo Suits a meme. Here’s a completely different pug who is also named Oliver (!!!) with an Exo Suit from Ilia. Post those pug + Exo Suit photos and share them here in the comments, on Facebook, and on Twitter! Bonus points if your pug is also named Oliver.

Oliver & Exo Suit by Combee on Flickr

Saturday Morning Pug

Pugs. You may love them or not, but you can’t deny they’re adorable in their own unique way. Marcos Bessa captures their quizzical look with shocking perfection.


Personally, I like the bow-tie version:

My newest creation! :) this one is only for me, not an official product. Check my flickr for more pictures: www.flickr.com/people/marcosbessa #pug #puggie #lego #sculpture #creation #moc #afol #cute #funny #adorable

Random LEGO animals on my pug

Thanel had cats growing up. I had dogs. To counteract his most recent cat-centric post, I give you Pugsly, with random LEGO animals on his head.

Sleeping pug with LEGO animals on his head

Balance has now been restored to the blog. All is well in the LEGO world.

Pugsly made me blog this

This black pug by Raphael is, after all, rather adorable.

LEGO pug dog

Oh Pugsly, the things you make me do…

Happy Year of the Dog!

Despite past behavior to the contrary, Pugsly has promised to be good to my LEGO in 2006.