Pugs and Corgis and Frenchies, oh my! A cavalcade of LEGO canine cuteness!

A couple weeks ago we featured an adorable LEGO miniature dachshund, whose, uh, accurately brick-built posterior attracted some rather surprised comments. It’s wonderful to see that the Year of the Dog is inspiring builders to create realistic LEGO depictions of man’s best friend. Leading the pack thus far has been ZiO Chao (of recent wiener dog fame), with another trio of wonderful creatures.

Unsurprisingly, this chubby little pug is my favorite of the bunch, reminding me of TBB’s unofficial mascot, Oliver Twist the pug. He has a lovely corkscrew tail and floppy little ears.


Next up, we have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, with pricked-up ears and an inquisitive expression.

Corgi V2

Corgis are famous for their fuzzy hindquarters, and this LEGO Corgi has fuzzy ‘tocks in spades!

Corgi V2

Finally, what roundup of the most adorable dogs would be complete without a French bulldog? Head tilted to one side, this fellow looks ready to run across the field like a Sherman tank (I know several Frenchies named Sherman), chasing a bouncing ball or hapless pug.

France Pulldog