Everybody loves a wiener

2018 is the Year of the Dog, so I’ve been enjoying all the extra LEGO creations inspired by our canine best friends. There are even couple new dog-themed LEGO sets, like 30542 Cute Pug and the upcoming 40235 Year of the Dog, which seems to depict a Shiba Inu. Taiwanese builder ZiO Chao has captured the quirky personality of the miniature dachshund with this black and tan beauty.


ZiO has built an unmodified male dachshund, as this view of his business end illustrates. That tail looks ready for the show ring!


(Title shamelessly borrowed from one of my favorite new T-shirts, courtesy artist Gemma Correll.)

7 comments on “Everybody loves a wiener

  1. Andrew Post author

    @Terry: I’d love one, too, though our miniature dachshund here (little Baron Linus von Wigglebottom) is a much more complicated chocolate and tan piebald. I’ll contact the builder and see if he’d be willing to share instructions.

  2. randy

    Where can i get this dachshund? My daughter have a pet doxie with the same color. She would love to have this.

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