Loki’s eternal punishment – trapped in a LEGO hell

It makes a nice change to see a Norse god depicted in LEGO and for it not to be a version taken from the Marvel pantheon. However, Loki himself might not agree, as Pacurar Andrei‘s latest vignette shows the trickster god trapped in his eternal punishment — chained in the entrails of his own sons, with his faithful wife Sigyn shielding him from dripping snake venom. The legends had it that when Sigyn was forced to take periods of rest from holding the bowl, the venom would strike Loki’s face, causing him to shake and struggle, causing earthquakes. Nice. As for the model, the rockwork on display is very smartly-done (and reddish brown makes a pleasant change from the usual grey), and the colour gradient on the lava is lovely. All-in-all it’s a sweet little scene depicting an anything-but-sweet story.

Loki's Fate

3 comments on “Loki’s eternal punishment – trapped in a LEGO hell

  1. Håkan

    As I’ve heard it, I don’t think Sigyn needed rest, but she needed to pour out the venom when the bowl became full. In practice, it would be the same result, however.

  2. Matthew

    I made this a couple of months ago, it’s nowhere near as good, but one part is exactly the same :D we both used the trans – green aerial as venom. :D

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