Fear not! The LEGO Exo Suit is not a limited run [News]

It’s been about a week since LEGO released the new Exo Suit, and there’s been quite a lot of rumor and conjecture circulating about how many will be available, and whether backorders placed after last Thursday night will be fulfilled. I had a conference call with LEGO staff in Enfield and Billund yesterday, and they all reassured me that the “limited run” rumors (especially the rumored number of “10,000”) are completely false.

If LEGO’s own word isn’t enough, here’s Oliver Twist the Pug to inspire confidence.

Oliver   Exo Suit   mini Mini Cooper = Win!

We’ll be closing down the LEGO Exo Suit raffle next Friday morning so that we can ship out the set in a timely manner, so head on over to that post and leave a comment if you want to win one.

But the important update here is that our raffle isn’t the only way for you to get an Exo Suit — go ahead and order your Exo Suits (and click through from The Brothers Brick if you’d like to support what we do), and LEGO will fulfill those orders once their supply chain catches up with this initial burst of demand. The LEGO Shop online currently lists the set as either “Temporarily Out of Stock” or “Sold Out”, but this is more of a website status issue than a predictor of future availability. Once they become available on each site, LEGO reassures me that you can go ahead and order them with confidence:

And since I’ve included a photo of my pug Ollie with my own Exo Suit that arrived last Thursday, let’s totally make pugs + Exo Suits a meme. Here’s a completely different pug who is also named Oliver (!!!) with an Exo Suit from Ilia. Post those pug + Exo Suit photos and share them here in the comments, on Facebook, and on Twitter! Bonus points if your pug is also named Oliver.

Oliver & Exo Suit by Combee on Flickr

24 comments on “Fear not! The LEGO Exo Suit is not a limited run [News]

  1. Erathor Pridenar

    All that pressure on the night of the 1st…it was all for nothing! Actually, I’m very glad to hear this, it’s such a good sci-fi building set that I should probably get a second for parts.

  2. ASouthers

    I like the rebuild you guys did, matching turtles! Great looking set, loving the green space suits!

  3. Newillmeister

    Yeah, does this apply to the Research Institute? Also, you CAN’T order the Exo-suit, there’s no option on at least the US page. It’s out of stock. so there’s no button to click to order. This article seems lacking in facts to me…

  4. Andrew Post author

    Did you *read* the article? It clearly states that you can’t actually order them at this particular moment, but that that’s a website issue and not an issue with future availability. Once it the buy button activates again, you’ll be able to order. I’ve shared 100% of the information that LEGO gave me.

  5. Wallopy Joe

    Do they have to be pugs?

    How about a half dachshund/half jack russell called Toby? I feel that would make the meme better, because Toby’s awesome.

  6. Andrew Post author

    Right, this is why I don’t link to pages from Third Party sellers on Amazon.com — only pages where the inventory is fulfilled by Amazon.

  7. Iain

    This has to be the most full of win TBB post ever …both for the good news from LEGO, and for the appearance of our unofficial mascot Ollie! The limited-run rumors had put him into a terrible funk recently…

  8. Rare White Ape

    Thank you TBB, for finally injecting some rationality into the subject. Comments on other sites were too full of hysteria and baseless speculation for my liking!

    The best part is those putrid Brickpicker speculators will likely not make the money they’d hoped by hoarding them 10-at-a-time.

  9. SeT

    THANK YOU for posting this! I was a bit panicked when I missed the extremely short window to pre-order on LEGO (it had an “order now” with shipping date estimated at Aug 15th) . I have a small child who saw the Exo suit on Lego.com and has been attempting to re-build it out of the random bricks we own (Lego Star Wars 75002 AT-RT) and let me tell you it hasn’t been easy!
    You’ve given us hope, Obi Wan. Thank you.

  10. evolveORdie

    love that meme, Iain! go on, brick it up! But yeah, I got stiffed on the exosuit. Ordered it the moment it came online, was put in my bag as available now and then Lego turned around and told me nah, u have to wait a month (everyone Lego fan who doesnt live in Australia/NZ should count themselves lucky). But to reinforce the post, here’s what I eventually got out of LegoCS and an actual date!:

    “Our warehouse is expecting a new delivery around the 11th of September. If you were planning to give the set as a present, we’ll be happy to send your LEGO builder a message from the team to explain the delay.”

    and just to confuse matters, another email just arrived with this:

    “It’s a very popular set and we’ve had a lot more orders than we expected. We don’t have any in stock at the moment, and we’re working hard to make more. Our warehouse is expecting a new delivery around 04/09/14.”

    AND it should be stated that it was none other than Mark Stafford, the set designer, who started the rumours re: 10000 only and one production run. Someone give him a nipple cripple at the next con he shows up to :)

  11. JayDuck

    Hooray! Too bad the same doesn’t seem to apply to the Research Institute, since it is now listed as ‘sold out’.

    And given how many missed out on the initial Exo-suit frenzy, you might want to consider posting a reminder of the pug thing in a month or so. (Not that I have a pug, but my cat does sometimes get a bit too interested when there’s a table full of Lego.)

  12. Conchas

    Unfortunately all this rumor was started by LEGO itself in the person of Exo-Suit LEGO Designer.
    Mark Stafford wrote at Reddit “This is currently a single production run – I’m not sure of the figures – but if you see it and you want it then buy it, at the moment when it’s gone it’s gone for good. Don’t be disappointed. (Not trying to do a hard sell here, this is currently the plan!)”

    After all if this was not a push for hard selling, I don’t know what it was. :P

  13. PicnicBasketSam

    YESS. Thank you, Andrew! I think we all owe you one for that. Now to smack Mark Stafford…

  14. ervino

    Hi all!
    I’m very happy to hear that the ExoSuit is not a limited run! :-)

    At a personal level, Lego kindly accredited me with some VIP points to compensate for the SNAFU about my order (two kits orderd at 8:18 AM – here in Italy sales started at 8:00 AM – with the ExoSuit stated as “IN STOCK”, but nonethetless delivery bumped to September) so I here formally thanks them for their will to care at their customers and consider the question totally closed and compensated with my full satisfaction (al last if I will finally get the kits early this September, off course… :-)

    However IMHO all considerd if there is a person wittingly responsible for the “limited run” gossip and all the chaos that it caused with the overloading of the Lego on-line Shop at August the 1st (orders skipped, checkout problems, no “first come – first served” policy, etc..) it deserve a full public disclosure and a round of shaming & spanking.

    A “Tar & Feathers” shower will be a nice touch too… ;-D

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