One small step for man, one giant leap for pug-kind

I’m starting to get suspicious that LEGO builders are creating pug-themed creations because they know I’ll feature just about every single one. Well, keep it coming! This pug astronaut by 鄭 仲恆 appears to be surprised by something he sees off in the distance above him. The space suit is well-constructed and realistic, with a bubble helmet to encompass the pug’s bubble head and bubble eyes.


Here at The Brothers Brick, we can’t help ourselves sometimes — we hope the talented builder doesn’t mind — and we took it upon ourselves to give this lovely space-pooch some adventures. Here he is landing on the moon. Or was he already there and he’s been surprised by the Apollo 11 crew landing next to him?

Pug astronaut on the moon (built by 鄭 仲恆)

Next, our brave explorer makes an untethered EVA (extra-vehicular activity).

Pug astronaut in space (built by 鄭 仲恆)

Finally, he sees something particularly surprising floating in orbit near him.

Pug astronaut sees a Tesla (built by 鄭 仲恆)

What else would a pug in space be surprised to see? Let us know in the comments!