Random LEGO animals on my pug

Thanel had cats growing up. I had dogs. To counteract his most recent cat-centric post, I give you Pugsly, with random LEGO animals on his head.

Sleeping pug with LEGO animals on his head

Balance has now been restored to the blog. All is well in the LEGO world.

9 comments on “Random LEGO animals on my pug

  1. Melfice

    Now here I am wishing I took a picture of our old budgerigar building with LEGO.

    Mind you, this building consisted of picking up ONLY trans-green parts and throwing them off the table, but still.

  2. Thanel

    Andrew, if it’s any consolation if/when we get a dog, it’ll be a tan Shiba-inu. (For those of you who did not grow up in the same house as us, we had a little Shiba name Taffy, who we had to leave in Japan when we moved to the US in ’89)

  3. stephendsdude

    This is an epic shot. I am curious on how the pug would feel if he knew about this.

  4. Andrew Post author

    Heh heh, fair enough.

    But it’s occasionally nice to build rather than blog (or even spend some time with our families), so I myself am behind a bit. I know some of our other contributors are also on summer vacation right now.

    We can’t be on the Internet 24 hours a day. ;-)

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