Skids & Mudflap – LEGO Transformers from Revenge of the Fallen

Until a certain decreasingly juvenile wizard graces theaters next Wednesday, the 150-minute chase sequence, errr, Michael Bay extravaganza known as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen remains the #1 movie in America.

My irrelevant movie critique aside, John Ho (IcedPlusCoffee) brings us a pair of rather cool cool-looking characters from the film.

LEGO Transformers Skids LEGO Transformers Mudflap

No, they don’t actually transform, but the angled slopes John used in the torsos on both Skids (green) and Mudflap (orange) are really nice.

12 comments on “Skids & Mudflap – LEGO Transformers from Revenge of the Fallen

  1. Rocko

    Nice representations of some of the dumbest movie characters ever. From the wannabe black stereotype jokes to the robot nut humor, that movie was pure fail.

  2. Andrew Post author

    ^ So I hear. My movie critique is particularly irrelevant because I haven’t actually seen it (nor do I intend to at this point).

  3. parchioso

    The movie deserves criticism so they will come up with a better one next time. It is bad that poor screenwriting damage a great movie theme.

    But this creation from John is truly excellent, I am glad to see a fellow Hong Kong Lego player’s work being highlighted here.

  4. Eastwood1427

    Can’t say I was a fan of the first film, so odds are I won’t bother with the second.

    However, those are great builds. They seem to have captured the complexity of the movie designs, but are still simple enough to follow. Got to say I like them, though Skids a little more as I prefer the Green to the Orange.

    Top notch stuff.

  5. Matn

    Those are some of the nicest LEGO Transformers I’ve seen. They fit the characters very well!

    I’ve seen the first movie and the second in cinemas. And I have to admit, I liked them… Yeah, the story is… Well, there isn’t a story. But the action on big screen was so intense, just don’t think for a couple of hours and enjoy. But it’s the only non-brain movies I watched. (:

  6. Tristan C

    Nice construction for that size- a lot of detail. Great technique with the chest-slopes.

    On the movie, though, just switch off your brain and watch the explosions.

  7. stephendsdude

    I LOVE these creations. I also like the movies (to the dismay of others). However, the screenplay of the movies was not thought out thoroughly.

    Now only if these could transform…

  8. the enigma that is badger

    While I’ve only seen shots of these characters online, these are great builds. Definitely capture the clunky, multi-faceted look of the film transformers.

    As for the characters themselves, from everything I’ve seen and heard (which doesn’t include the film), probably said it best when they dubbed these characters “Little Black Sambots.” The writers of the film have very publicly pointed the finger at Bay for those characterizations:

  9. Andrew Post author

    @stephendsdude: Good catch, though I got it right in the post title.

    @enigma: Interesting read. I’m always happy when it’s not the writers’ fault. ;-)

  10. IcedPlusCoffee

    Sorry that I come to say thanks so late
    I have try to leave a comment for a long time but I couldn’t,
    recently when I update the browers seems that it work now..
    I am really sorry about that..

    @ Andrew: Thousands thanks for posting this in here
    I am a big fans of here and it is an honour to be posted up here.

    dumbest Robot ever…..
    I really don’t know why they are so dumb

    Thank you for support, you’ve been support my in different places and I own you a thousands thanks.

    Thank you:)
    I like the Skids more too…

    Actually, I haven’t got a clear image of them in the movie.
    So I go back and find some more picture of them.
    but the design of the golden teeth from the movie were really bad

    @Benjamin P
    Thank you for the support.

    After the movie, these are the only two transformer that I really have a memory about what they did in the transformer

    @Tristan C
    Thank you for the support.
    The chest part were the most difficult part.
    I am so happy that it really work out:)

    Well, the structure don’t really support transformation….
    we could break it down to bricks and rebuild….
    does that count? ;)

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