My favorite 365-day projects

I admire anybody who can sustain a routine for a whole year, and especially anyone who can do it with creativity. Having LEGO involved helps a bit too. Two people have ongoing projects that I’ve especially enjoyed, in which they commit their LEGO selves or minifigs to a series of adventures.

The first is Sarah Mitt (Sarah.Mitt’s 365), who in this scene (day 23) has her LEGO self climbing the furry mountain of doom. (Kitty references also help keep my interest)

Sarah Mitt Furry Doom

The second series I’ve enjoyed is by Gareth Payne, (-Gareth-), who’s “Year of the Fett,” has a Boba Fett minifig wandering the world with various sidekicks or interacting with the world. This picture he posted on day 251 is one of my favorites:

Gareth Fettverine

Sarah is now on day 68, and Gareth is on day 288. Keep on trucking!

6 comments on “My favorite 365-day projects

  1. Sarah

    Hey thanks! I had no idea what I was getting into doing a 365 but I won’t give up now!

    I am also a huge fan of Gareth!

  2. stephendsdude

    I could never make this commitment. I have a really tough school year coming up and that means staying up VERY late for homework.

    I do like the effort that these people are putting in, though.

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