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Steven Spielberg and George Lucas collaborated on a classic trilogy of Indiana Jones movies between 1981 and 1989, followed by a fourth movie in 2008. LEGO released sets based on all four movies in 2008 and 2009, and Traveller’s Tales produced two LEGO video games based on the franchise. Here on The Brothers Brick, you’ll find LEGO models inspired by the movies from long before and after the brief series of official sets.

Indiana Jones and the Brick Adventures by Brian Williams

Brian Williams has posted two fantastic LEGO creations based on the vehicles in the Indiana Jones movies.

The flying wing from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark includes a custom-made canopy (from the box of the Castle Tic-Tac-Toe set, so still technically LEGO):

The tank from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade has custom decals and working treads:

7628 Peril in Peru out, 7036 Dwarves Mine back, and more [News]

The Toys R Us exclusive LEGO Indiana Jones set 7628 Peril in Peruicon is now available from the LEGO Shop online.


One of my candidates for “favorite LEGO set of all time,” 7036 Dwarves’ Mineicon is once again available:


Of course, this latest update to the LEGO Shop online also includes a whole bunch of other new sets, as well as a fair amount of clearance items. Some highlights:

Last but not least, the long-awaited 10187 Volkswagen Beetleicon is also available.


Indiana Jones mine cart chase roundup

Despite Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom being many people’s least favorite film in the original trilogy, the mine cart chase scene remains one of my own favorites. It would seem that many LEGO fans agree, given the large number of LEGO creations inspired by this iconic sequence in the movie.

Although a couple days too late for the Indy contest on Klocki, I think this large vignette by Simon Tzidik captures the spirit of the scene best:

I love the curved tracks and sense of motion in Piglet‘s version:

I can feel the heat on the soles of Indy’s shoes in this scene by Mara-chan:

Finally, Piotr Slezak goes vertical with this multi-level vignette:

LEGO Indiana Jones video game almost redeems Crystal Skull movie [Review]

We blog a lot of video game LEGO on The Brothers Brick, but I think this may be our first LEGO video game review — and the reason I haven’t blogged as much the last few days, heh heh!

After playing both the LEGO Star Wars games, I was really looking forward to LEGO Indiana Jones, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The same can’t be said for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which I really enjoyed the first time through, but didn’t hold up the second time I saw it. Oh well. Fortunately, George Lucas didn’t write the video game. ;-)

The basic mechanics of LEGO Indiana Jones aren’t that different from LEGO Star Wars: In story mode, you play as one or more characters with specific skills, destroying things in the game environment to earn points (studs) and uncover piles of LEGO bricks, which you can build to progress the plot or find treasure.

However, instead of a lightsaber, you’re armed with Indy’s whip and fists of plastic. Indy can also pick up items, such as weapons and tools, to perform other actions — dig stuff up, fix things, turn clockwork, and so on. While you’re in story mode, you might not have all the necessary skills to find everything hidden throughout the level.

In free play mode, you’re assigned a random collection of characters that give you all of the tools and skills you need, and it’s your skill that determines whether you find all the treasure, including subcomponents of the level model.

I played the game on my Nintendo Wii, so I had the option of swinging my remote to flick Indy’s whip and shaking the remote and nunchuk to build things. Call me old-fashioned (I prefer “old school”), but I chose to use the buttons assigned to these actions instead, and was grateful for that choice.

My favorite thing about the recent LEGO video games from TT Games (formerly Traveller’s tales) is the developers’ humorous take on the Indiana Jones story. I won’t spoil the laugh-out-loud moments for you, but rest assured there are plenty in the game.

In terms of value, there are 18 main levels in the game, and it took me about 30-45 minutes to complete each level in story mode (being fairly thorough along the way; I only failed to get “True Adventurer” status on one). That works out to a fairly short game for someone like me who prefers 100-hour RPGs like Final Fantasy VII, but that’s not counting free play mode, which at least doubles the value. I’ve only started free play, but I’ve already unlocked all but two of the playable characters, and I’m starting to work my way through the extras.

Overall, I’m very pleased with LEGO Indiana Jones, and would recommend it not just to those of you who’ve played LEGO Star Wars. There’s a lot of value in the game, and more importantly, it’s really really fun to play!

LEGO Indiana Jones is available for the following platforms:

Apologies for the lack of visuals in this post. I don’t have a way to take screen shots on my Wii, and I figured a picture of me slumped on the couch in my sweats wasn’t something you’d want to see. ;-)

Harrison’s Little Shop of Horrors

I’ll admit to never having seen Little Shop of Horrors, but that didn’t mean I didn’t instantly recognize Harrison‘s rendition of this cult classic:

More on Flickr.

Harrison made it hard to pick just one creation to feature today. Don’t miss:

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Video Game Demo now available!

Yep, you read that right! The demo for the new LEGO Indiana Jones video is now available for download here. Brace yourself, it’s nearly 470 MB, but I’m sure it’s worth it (I’m about halfway through downloading it as I write this post). I can’t wait to play! What a great way to celebrate the end of finals (yes, I’m back :) )

Win an autographed Temple Escape set in the Indy contest on Klocki [w00t!]

If you’ve been wondering what MisterZumbi has been up to lately, wonder no more. Like Jamie Berard and Mark “Nabii” Stafford, Adam “MisterZumbi” Grabowski is the latest LEGO fan to pull up stakes, move to Billund, and start working as a set designer for The LEGO Company.

To celebrate Adam’s accomplishment and the release of the new Indiana Jones movie, Klocki is hosting an Indiana Jones Building Contest.

There are three categories — vignette, diorama, and large-scale (UCS) model. The coolest prize? A copy of 7623 Temple Escape autographed by the designer, Adam himself.