Massive LEGO Shop sale includes LEGO Star Wars, Mars Mission, more [News]

Just in time to add regular LEGO sets to your reduced-price Pick A Brick order, the LEGO Shop online is holding a fairly huge sale, with many items 50% off or more.

LEGO Star Wars 10186 General Grievous™ is down to $30 from $90:

Sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads are $10 off in LEGO Agents 8633 Mission 4: Speedboat Rescue:

And don’t forget that there are some awesome new sets from the LEGO Shop, too. 10194 Emerald Night should be shipping soon, and 10195 Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker is now available.

Check out all of the discounted LEGO sets now!


10 comments on “Massive LEGO Shop sale includes LEGO Star Wars, Mars Mission, more [News]

  1. Nannan

    I realized also that this sale is very exclusive to North America. It looks like they’re clearing the warehouse for the upcoming wave of new sets.

  2. Cassidy Arch

    Wow! The deals are going fast! I’m glad I picked up a few when I could. I don’t think I ever even noticed the Spongebob Emergency Room set before. But at $9 it’s a must have. Fish Doctor, light blue doors, should be interesting.

    That Mars Walker is my favorite of the Mars Mission line–great set! Get it while you can.

  3. TooMuchDew

    2nded, lots of good stuff sold out quickly. Maybe the LEGO brad stores will follow (as they occasionally do) with clearance sales on same items (hopefully)

  4. Nolnet

    WTF!! I just saw that Mars Walker for the first time! It is not and probably never was available in Germany, boooo!
    On the other hand, I just saw that the Agents Volcano Base and the MT-61 Mars Vehicle are both 50% off here. So… yay!

  5. David4

    Everything good sold out within 6 hours!

    I wanted Spongebob, the $10 IJ set, and some little minifigure sets.

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