Pancho Villa Raid by Brian Williams

For his latest LEGO Indiana Jones creation, Brian Williams looks for inspiration to The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles .

LEGO Indiana Jones Pancho Villa Raid

The five-foot-long diorama features dozens of awesome mini-scenes and techniques, including gunrunners, leaf springs on the locomotive, proper horseback riders’ legs, and lovely sand-green cacti. Check out the full photoset on Flickr.

Thanks for the tip, Austin!

6 comments on “Pancho Villa Raid by Brian Williams

  1. gambort

    You ended up beating me to it. I’d been waiting for Brickcon to finish to blog this. Didn’t want to lose its audience to the fest.

    One of my favourite touches is the clever use of the earth tones and especially the new ones (dark tan and brown). There’s not so many parts available but those that are have been used very well.

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